Tago is the IoT application enablement platform to build great IoT products and services and has already integrated multiple LoRaWAN® network servers. This article will describe how to add Milesight IoT devices to Tago via The Thing Stack.



Step 1. Tago-The Thing Stack Integration

1. Log in Tago platform, click here to create an authorization for The Thing Stack integraiton.

2. Create an application in The Thing Stack Applications tab, go to Integrations > Webhooks page of this The Thing Stack application, click +Add Webhook and select Tago IO.

3. Fill in the information below and click Create tagoio webhook.

  • Webhook ID:User-defined
  • Authorization: generate in step 1

Step 2. Add Device to Tago

1. Go to the The Thing Stack console and enter the Gateway section to add a new LoRaWAN® gateway.

2. Add Milesight LoRaWAN® devices to The Thing Stack referring to article How to Connect Milesight End Devices to The Things Stack v3 and ensure the data can reach the The Thing Stack.

3. Go to Tago > Devices page, you can search for Milesight to add devices or select Custom The Things Induestries to add devices.

4. Fill in the device EUI and click Create my Device.

5. The Thing Stack will send the data to Tago and you can check the connection in Live Inspector.

Step 3. Send Downlink to Device

Go to Configuration Parameters page of the device, add two parameters used for controlling, including the controlling command and fport.

Every time that a non-class C device sends an Uplink message, TagoIO will get the downlink parameters and send them to your device once, and mark that parameter as 'Read'. 

If you need to send downlinks to class C device, click here to get the tutorial or submit tickets to Tago.