Q1: Is it possible to upgrade UG6x via TR069 ACS system or SNMP?

Answer: No, UG6X doesn't support TR069 protocol. Although it supports SNMP, it can't be used to upgrade, so far you can remotely upgrade UG6X via Web GUI over VPN or DeviceHub.


Q2: Is it normal for gateway to send downlink command after it receive the uplink packet from sensor?

Answer: Yes, for Class A devices, the RX window will open after it transmit the data. If your sensor supports class C, then the gateway will send the downlink message immediately.



1. What is the default behavior for the sensor if the gateway is out of power for a short time <1h and longtime >4h.

2. Will sensor reconnect to the gateway when gateway is back on?


1. All sensors will send uplinks regardless of gateway disconnection. So if your gateway is disconnected, sensor data will lose.

2. Yes, you can reboot the sensors to make them re-join the network immediately. Another solution is enabling rejoin mode via Toolbox, after sending specific amount of packets (amount is defined by users) without gateway reply, it will re-join the network. This method will take some times to re-join.


Q4: About Node-RED, I have configured the DeviceEUI in component of Inject node, does the LoRa Output node can recognize the it from Inject and then send payload to specific sensor?

Answer: Not supported, the component of LoRa Output doesn't support to recognize the variables which came from inject and is defined by ourselves currently.


Q5: Does UG67 support ModBus or BACnet?

Answer: You can use Node-RED or Python development to process these features. Besides, UG67 supports ModBus to/over TCP with Milesight UC controllers, please refer to How to Achieve Modbus RTU to/over TCP between Milesight Gateways and Controllers.


Q6: Is it normal to consume 3 MB per day when connecting gateway to network server even not sending LoRaWAN node data?

Answer: Yes, the range is normal. Take connecting gateway to Milesight IoT cloud as example, according to our calculation, it will consume 2 MB per day.