Milesight cellular routers all come with built-in component for secondary development in Python. Python SDK is required for Milesight Router to carry out the commands in this article. To enable related functions, please refer to this article (How to Install Python SDK and Read Log) and import the SDK first.

Note: If the code needs to compile using other compiler like C or C++, it not able to install it like this in the router.


  • PuTTY or any Shell tool to log in router system via SSH
  • Milesight Router/CPE/Gateway


  1. Open Putty or any Shell tool to login in as admin, password is password by default. If you have changed the password, use your custom password here.
  2. Install Python SDK for your development, take install AWS Python SDK for example:
    (en=enable; con t=configure terminal)
    ROUTER> en
    ROUTER# conf t
    ROUTER(config)# python
    ROUTER(Python)# pip install AWSIoTPythonSDK
    If other python libraries are needed, you can go to the pip official website to view the commands.
  3. Verify the installation with command pip list or show-pylibs. This will take some times to show the list please do not operate the device during the time. Other basic python related commands in Linux system are supported as well.
  4. If you want to uninstall packets, you can use command pip uninstall