Q1: Why the time stamp of message that received on Network Server is different from the set time of Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway?

Answer: In standard LoRaWAN protocol, the upload time is defined on UTC time zone. So the time displayed on Chirpstack server is different due to different time zone.


Q2: Can the LoRaWAN sensor data collected by the Milesight LoRaWAN gateway be sent to cloud/websites other than the Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: Yes. Milesight gateway supports data transmission via MQTT/HTTP/HTTPS. You can refer to articles below:

How to Connect LoRaWAN Gateway to MQTT Broker

How to Connect Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway to HTTP(s) Server


Q3: Does the Node-RED of Milesight LoRaWAN gateway start up on boot or it needs to be started manually?

Answer: It starts up when it's enabled on Web GUI.


Q4: Is it possible to send a payload to the Milesight LoRaWAN gateway to send an instruction to a LoRaWAN Controller using HTTP like we do posting a message to a specific topic in MQTT?

Answer: No. When the gateway is connected to HTTP/HTTPS server, it only supports uplink. If you want to send downlink, one way is to use the Node-Red feature on the gateway. In that case, the gateway works as HTTP server and it requires a public IP (Cellular or WAN) to allow connection from HTTP client.


Q5: Are the UG67 and UG87 gateways able to use nanosecond timestamp for geolocation?

Answer: Not supported now. Milesight have plans to upgrade chip which is suitable for geolocation. Please contact Milesight if you have any applications requiring for it.


Q6: Do you have any recommendations regarding lightning protection?

1. If we mount the gateway on relatively low height (4-5 m, on top of fiber optic PoP), and we connect the gateway body (by original metal mount) with the lightning protection of the PoP, do we need the surge protection on the antennas and LAN cable?

2. Do you have to offer some directional antennas, in cases where we want to cover only a part of space, for example 90 degrees? This would improve our reception in cases where the gateway is mounted outside of a city.


1. The height is not the most important. The critical thing is whether there is other devices/buildings higher than your gateway. Antenna needs lightning surge protectors separately. If your network cable has passed any surge protection system, there is not need to add extra protection.

2. Not by default. If necessary, please share your directional antenna requirements to Milesight in details.


Q7: The gateway disappears from TTN quite often, how to check the issue?

Answer: Regarding the disconnection between the gateway and TTN, you can check the following points:

1. Whether the network of the gateway is normal: Fail to Access the Network of Milesight Gateway.

2. If you use Semtech type packet forwarder, you can change to TTN type which is more stable: How to Connect Milesight Gateway to TTN.


Q8: Can we use the UG6x LoRaWAN gateway also as package forwarder and connect it to network server of another UG6x gateway?

Answer: Yes, it's supported in the latest UG6x firmware. You can download it on the website.


Q9: Can you inform about the difference in range between UG65-L04EU-868M without external antennas and UG65-L04EU-868M -EA with external antenna in an Indoor application?

Answer: The gain of external antenna is 2dB, while the gain of internal is about 1dB.

If the gateway just need to cover the end devices in the building (2 floors nearby), the internal antenna version is enough, the signal quality (Average SNR) is 2dB less than the external antenna). The distance (max) can reach 1 km in building/park/city.

If the gateway needs to cover wider area, the external antenna version is recommended, the signal quality (Average SNR) is 6dB more than the internal antenna version.

The distance (max) can reach 2 km in buildings/parks/cities.


Q10: How can I get the new function "Noise Analyzer" on my Milesight LoRaWAN gateway?

Answer: Yes. The latest firmware supports "Noise Analyzer". You can download it from our website and upgrade.

How to Connect LoRaWAN Gateway to MQTT Broker