The Things Network, a leading provider of LoRaWAN networks and services, is upgrading its stack to v3 (The Thing Stack). As a leading LoRaWAN end-devices and gateways provider, Milesight IoT’s gateway and end devices can be easily connected to The Thing Stack. This document will guide you how to connect Milesight LoRaWAN devices to The Things Stack.


\1. The Things Stack Sandbox Account

\2. Milesight LoRawan End Devices (Sensors, Controllers, in this example AM107 is used)

\3. A Milesight Gateway connected to The Thing Stack by Semtech Packet Forwarder or Basic Station


Step1. Login The Thing Stack

Login The Things Stack using the credentials/the things ID. In this example, the address is You can also select server areas here.

This is the login page, choose Login with The Things ID

Input the credentials and click Submit


When done, you will see this console page successfully.

Step2.Create Application and Milesight Sensor in The Things Stack

Click Applications-> Add application to create an application.

Input the Application ID as your wish.

Click Add end device in the right button side.

 Since Milesight IoT has finished the integration, we can select the brand and sensor model directly.

After select the model, we need to input the Frequency Plan, AppEUI, DevEUI and AppKey.

You can find the DevEUI at the back panel of the device.

AppEUI is 24E124C0002A0001 by default

AppKey is 5572404c696e6b4c6f52613230313823 by default

When done, click Register end device to save it.

Note: There is no need to upload the decoder here since The Things Stack has embedded the decoder scripts of the exact model you created.

Step3. Check the sensor data

Power on the Sensor AM107, then you will see the uplink live data here.

Click the message to get the event details, you will see the sensor data easily here.

Note: LoRaWAN version is recommended to set v1.0.3 at both the The Things Stack side and Milesight Sensor side. Then the sensor will join immediately after the change applied.