Milesight IoT Cloud provides integration with following Milesight devices (sensors, sensor nodes, remote I/Os):

  • UC3x Cellular/NB-IoT Remote I/O
  • UC11 Series LoRaWAN Controller
  • UC11-N1 Sensor Node
  • UC11-T1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • UC50x LoRaWAN Controller
  • UC51x Solenoid Valve Controller
  • AM100 Series Indoor Ambience Sensors
  • AM300 Series Indoor Ambience Sensors
  • EM300 Series Outdoor Sensors
  • EM500 Series Outdoor Environment Sensors
  • WS Series Co-Work Sensors

It does not support adding other brand devices.

Before adding devices to Milesight Cloud, please confirm your gateway have connected to Milesight Cloud: How to Connect Milesight Gateway to Milesight IoT Cloud


Step 1: Check Gateway Status

You can start to add devices when the gateway status shows

Step 2: Add End Devices

On the “My Devices” page, enter SN and click “Add” to complete the add.

Step 3: Configuring Device

After the device is successfully connected, you can click to perform device configuration. The configuration page varies by product model.

Note: if it is a Class A end device that you have configured on the Milesight Cloud, the changes will take effect at the time when it sends uplinks to the gateway.

After these steps, you can receive data from the device on Milesgiht Cloud. If no data please refer to troubleshooting How To Trouble-shoot No Sensor Node's Data Displayed On Milesgiht Cloud.