Q1: How to enable PoE on the LAN port of UR32? I have attached a 48VDC supply, but PoE tester shows no PoE on ethernet port.

Answer: PoE is enabled by default without software switch, you can go to Status->Overview->System information ->Model of webpage to check whether the product model contains -P. If not included, it means this model doesn't support PoE feature. Otherwise please submit a ticket to iot.support@milsight.com about it.


Q2: Is it possible to transmit or receive Profinet or Profisafe protocols over UR75-5G?

Answer: Profinet device can be connected to Milesight Routers via standard RJ-45 Ethernet interface, so transmitting or receiving data transparently over router is supported.


Q3: How should I set security and password for Wi-Fi of router?

Answer: Usually the password works when you select WIFI encryption mode as other modes except No encryption.


Q4: Is there a maximum capacity for the M2 NVMe SSD that can be installed into the UR75?

Answer: Usually it can suit large capacity which is up to 1TB if interface and size suits UR75, and please note that SSD is mainly used for Python applications.


Q5: Is it possible to configure the UR series routers in bulk using configuration files?

Answer: Yes, UR series routers support pre-configurations before shipping and you could ask for OEM services before purchase. Besides, Milesight Devicehub supports Provisioning feature to configure the same model routers, please kindly refer to Devicehub User Guide.


Q6: Does Milesight router support BGP?

Answer: No, our router doesn't support BGP protocol. If you have any application or project for it, please contact Milesight about it.


Q7: Does Milesight router support AES encryption with MD5 and pre-shared keys?

Answer: The usual traffic of router will not be encrypted, it will cost resource significantly. You can use IPsec or other VPNs to fit encryption requirement.


Q8: What SIM card size can compatible with UR3x?

Answer: UR3x only supports standard mini SIM card (2FF).