MilesightVPN allows you to access your camera remotely by setting MilesightVPN as VPN server, and then connecting UR Serial Router and Monitor Center to MilesightVPN.



Step 1. MilesightVPN Server Configuration

1. Install MilesightVPN on an Ubuntu server, click here to download install package.
For more information about installation and usage please refer to MilesightVPN user guide.


  • Server service port: 1194, 18443, 18080
  • Server web GUI address: https://public IP:18443/
  • Default account:  admin/password

2. login to MilesightVPN, fill in server’s public IP address to Listen IP and copy the Authorization Code.

3. Enter the certificate name in Certificate Name and click Create & Download.

4. After the certificate is being successfully loaded, it's suggusted to change one parameter of it. By default settings, the data transmission will go with global traffic forwarding.

Change redirect-gateway def1 to route as below.

Step 2. Router Configuration

1. Login the Web GUI of router, go to Maintenance -> Tools -> Ping to check if the router is able to access the MilesightVPN Server.

2. Go to System > Device Management > MilesightVPN, configure the server parameters and click Connect and Apply.

  • Server: MilesightVPN Servers public IP
  • Port: 18443 (Default service port)
  • Authorization Code : Authorization code of the MilesightVPN server
  • Device Name: Custom

3. Router is successfully connected.

You can double-click Remote Subnet to modify the LAN IP of the router. After the modification, press Enter, MilesightVPN can modify the router's LAN IP automatically.

Step 3. Monitor Center Configuration

1. Click here to download standard OpenVPN software to your computer and upload the certificate which is downloaded in step1 to path“/OpenVPN/config”.

Note: If you install openVPN under disk C, please run OpenVPN with administrative mode.

2. Run OpenVPN software, connect monitor center to Milesight VPN.

Monitor center is successfully connected to UrsalinkVPN server.

Step 4. Connection Test 

Check if monitor center is able to ping router’s tunnel IP, LAN IP and IPC Ethernet port IP.

1. Ping Router's Tunnel IP

Ping Router's LAN IP



                                                                              ----END- --