Q1: Is there a way to switch off the e-ink screen of AM100 series on demand?

Answer: Yes, you can enable smart screen mode via Toolbox, it means when PIR value is 0 and last for 20 mins, the screen will stop updating to save battery life. Or you can send the downlink command ff2d00 to switch off the screen display.


Q2: Is it possible to monitor pressurized air with EM500-PP?

Answer: Yes, EM500-PP can be used to monitor the pressure of both the liquid and the pressurized air.


Q3: Sometimes AM107 screen reflashes on and off as if it is being reset, is this normal behavior?

Answer: Yes, it's the normal behavior since the full e-ink screen will refreshes every 30 minutes to remove ghosting.


Q4: Can EM500-SWL be used to detect liquids containing ammonium nitrate fertilizer?

Answer: Yes, but default SWL sensor stainless steel could not resistant the corrosion for a long time. If you really need to use SWL for longtime in this application, the SWL sensor steel must be customized a firmer material. Besides, the sensor needs to be calibrated by yourself. Another solution is that using EM500-UDL without touching the liquid fertilizer.



  1. What is the specific method of EM500-PP installation?
  2. Does the EM500-SWL have to be completely submerged in the bottom of the liquid tank for accurate measurement?


  1. You need to screw the probe into the matched pipe before start using it.
  2. It depends on if you need to detect all level of the tank, you can also fix the probe to detect part of level changes. But the sensor probe should be full submerged under the water to get the accurate value.


Q6: Is Milesight decoder in Github open source?

Answer: Yes, it is open source, but it's working for Milesight sensors only. You can copy and modify it if according to your server's request as your wish.


Q7: Can you convert the units of Ozone, TVOC and Formaldehyde of AM319 to ppb, mg/m3 and ppb?

Answer: Ozone range is 0-10 ppm, which is 0-10000 ppb, TVOC is indicating as 0-500 range IAQ index without unit and Formaldehyde as 0-6 mg/m3, which is about 0-4806 ppb.


Q8: What is the data collecting interval of AM107? Can I change it to 30 min?

Answer: The collecting interval of humidity, temperature, TVOC, illumination, PIR, Barometric pressure is 30 seconds, the collecting interval of CO2 is 2 minutes. The data collecting interval is not supported to be changed.


Q9: I changed a new password to sensor, but when I read the sensor, it didn’t ask for password.

Answer: ToolBox app will ask for password only when you write the configuration or reset the device. Besides, if you already typed this password in your mobile phone, the mobile phone will record the password and use this to try in your next writing.


Q10: Is it possible to connect one sensor to two gateways?

Answer: Yes. If the join type of sensor is ABP, the sensor can be connected to the two gateways.



  1. How to understand Idle Time Reporting of WS202?
  2. Is it possible to set WS202 to report PIR state every time if it detects movement?


  1. The Idle Time Reporting is set as 120s by default. It means when the sensor detects there is no person in its detection area, the sensor will not send the packet to show the area is idle until the 120s passes. If there is any person detected within the 120s, it will re-counter again.
  2. Not recommended, since this sensor will show whether there is person or not, this value is just used for a delay, especially for the office's light control. If you set it every time it detects the movement, the battery life will be used up soon.


Q12: Can we check battery level of EM500-UDL from gateway directly?

Answer: No, you need to decode the uplink data in NS or AS side and process the alarm.



  1. How do you ensure the CO2 accuracy of EM500-CO2?
  2. What is the baseline for manual calibration of CO2?


  1. We will calibrate EM500-CO2 before the sensors shipment, you can also calibrate sensors via manual calibration or factory calibration on Toolbox.
  2. A “fresh air” baseline environment is by default 400 ppm at normal ambient atmospheric pressure by sea level. It can be referenced in a crude way by placing the sensor in direct proximity to outdoor air, free of combustion sources and human presence, preferably during either by open window or fresh air inlets or similar.


Q14: What is Milesight average failure rate per sensor per gateway?

Answer: According to our experience, our defective rate is under 0.7%.


Q15: Is EM500-PP pressure sensor suit for pipe 4 inch?

Answer: Yes, the outer diameter of G1/2 namely 4 inch.


Q16: Can the Smart Office solution used as alarm system?

Answer: Yes, you can use magnetic contact switch and PIR like WS301 and WS202 to detect whether someone is there. But if you are into security usage, it's better to add some CCTV of milesight.


Q17: What Semtech module are you use in EM300-TH?

Answer: The module is SX1262.


Q18: Can AA 3.6V battery be used in am107?

Answer: No, it only supports 1.5V AA batteries.


Q19: Will AM319 be able to support AS923-4 band?

Answer: Yes, it supports AS923-1/2/3/4.


Q20: Are the CO2 sensors in AM300 and AM100 the same? Have they all been calibrated?

Answer: AM307's CO2 sensor is the same with AM100, AM319 is not. They all been factory calibrated, user can also calibrate by their own.


Q21: Is AM107 using NDIR CO2 sensors? Is it a single or double band?

Answer: Yes, AM100 series, AM307 and EM500 use double band NDIR sensor, AM319 use single band NDIR sensor.


Q22: Is AM300 configurable, meaning can our embedded Engineers can able to modify the firmware as required by our platform?

Answer: No, Milesight sensors does not support secondary development.


Q23: Can AM100 backup data from any device or is it required from the milesight IoT Cloud applications?

Answer: AM100 does not supports local backup, you can export data from Milesight IoT Cloud or other application servers.


Q24: What is the battery lifetime for AM300 at 15 min and 30 min sending interval (SF7)?

Answer: At 10 min is 3.92 years, at 15 min is 4.03 years, at 30 min is 4.14 years.


Q25: Can EM500-SWL change the data units?

Answer: You can configure decoder to change data units, or convert in your application server.


Q26: Is it possible to set the temperature setpoint value in AM300?

Answer: Yes, AM300 supports temperature calibration.