Milesight provide following methods calibrate the CO2 values of AM107/EM500-CO2 sensors.

  • Manual Calibration/Background Calibration: define outdoor environment COvalue as 400ppm.
  • Factory Calibration Restored: The CO2sensor is recalibrated, and clear the previous Manual Calibration.
  • NumericalCalibration: Fill in the calibration value manually. The raw value will be added or subtracted according to the calibration value you type.



  • AM107 Sensor (V1.23 and later) or EM500-COSensor (V2.25 and later)
  • Toolbox Software (V6.25 and later) or Milesight Toolbox App (V1.3.9 and later)



Calibrate by Phone:

1. Enable NFC on the smartphone and open “Toolbox” APP, then attach the smartphone with NFC area to the device to read basic information.

2. Click “Setting - Calibration Settings“, then enable “CO2“ 

 Calibrate by PC:

1. Connect the AM100/AM102 sensor to computer via type-C port. Select type as “General” and click password to log in Toolbox. (Default password: 123456)

2. Click “Device Settings - Calibration Settings“ and enable “CO2 Calibration“