Upgrade Steps:

  1. Remove the Shield Cover

Open the round screw cover with knife, unscrew those four screws with screwdriver and remove the shield cover.


       2. Connect UC11-T1 to PC and Power it on

After removing the shield cover, you can find the USB port inside the device. Connect T1 to computer via USB cable and power it on.


Power on: place a magnet near “U” and make it beep for 2 seconds.

Power off: place a magnet near “U”and make it beep for 6 seconds.

   3. Firmware Upgrade via Toolbox

Start “Toolbox” on PC. Select serial port, enter password and click “save” to load the parameters.

Note: the default password is 123456.

Go to “Upgrade”, click “Browse”, select the firmware, and click “Upgrade”.

The upgrade process usually takes nearly 5 minutes. When it’s successfully completed, it will pop-up a notification as below.

Disconnect the USB cable. Replace the shield cover and press along the edge of the cover until it sticks into places. Drive screws into the holes and cover them up with those four round screw covers.

Note: To protect the USB interface inside T1 from breakage, it is suggested to hold the USB cable near the end and push it straight into the interface when connecting, and gently unplug it STRAIGHT from the port when disconnecting. Try not shaking when removing the USB cable.