Q1: Can I export App configuration to other EM500 series sensors?

Answer: Yes, when you save one EM500 config as template file, the file will include all settings include keys. You can click the template file to open it and put smart phone to another EM500 device to write the settings. This feature can only work among same model devices.



  1. EM500-UDL sends only two parameters (battery and distance). How to get other sensor information like signal?
  2. How can the end user identify whether the sensor signal is weak?


  1. There are battery and distance value by default according to the default decoder. To get the full data details, you can add a custom decoder referring article How to Use Payload Codec on Milesight Gateway.
  2. To identify whether the signal is weak, here are some data for your reference:

         Good Signal: RSSI >-100dBm, SNR>5dBi

         Normal Signal: RSSI >= -120dBm, -3<SNR<5dBi

         Poor Signal: RSSI<-120dBm, SNR<-3dBi


Q3: Does the EM500-SWL have a formula to calculate the Water level ? Is the formula default in the sensor?

Answer: No, EM500-SWL will calculate final distance on the sensor before it is sent out. So after the network server decode its payload, you will get distance value directly, and you don't need to use other formula.


Q4: Why the overall carbon dioxide value is in a downward trend from February to June?

Answer: Different atmospheric pressures in different seasons effect CO2 value and different temperature and humidity causes different atmospheric pressure. The lower atmospheric pressure makes lower CO2 value. And the Summer atmospheric pressure is lower than winter's.


Q5: Is there any way to connect sensors back to the gateway faster and automatically after the gateway reboots?

Answer: You can enable the Rejoin Mode, and modify all frequency channels on the sensor same as the radio of gateway.


Q6: What is the vent on the EM300-TH used for? Can it still be waterproof and dustproof?

Answer: The vent is used for ventilation and temperature and humidity measurement; and the ingress protection of vent is also IP67, which is waterproof and dustproof.


Q7: What kind of battery fit for the EM300?

Answer: EM300 series senor uses ER18505 lithium battery, which voltage is 3.6V.


Q8: What is the detection range of EM300-TH?

Answer: EM300-TH can only detect a specific point in space. Generally speaking, the more EM300-TH sensors you deploy, the higher the accuracy. In practice, you need to find some representative points.

For example, if the temperature is almost same in a specific area, one sensor is enough; while in the area the temperature varies greatly, especially close to the heat/cold source, it’s suggusted to deploy more sensors.


Q9: What does activity value in AM100 series stand for?

Answer: PIR sensor value means the activity situation in the detection area during a period of time, for example people activity inside the room. This is the scope of the PIR sensor for your reference.

So the PIR value is not equals to the people in the detection area currently. It means the activity level during that period (for example 5 minutes). It's similar to the thermodynamic diagram.

If you need the exact number of people in the meeting room or within the area, we have other models (VS121 and WS202) to meet the request.


Q10: Can EM500-PT100 detect the temperature of the food pot?

Answer: Yes, EM500-PT100 probe support customizaing 304 stainless steel, which is a food grade stainless steel.


Q11: Can EM500-PT100 measure the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator?

Answer: EM500-PT100 can only measure the temperature, it is recommended to use the EM300-TH for refrigerator humidity and temperature measuring applications.


Q12: How long is the warranty for Milesight sensor?

Answer: Milesight sensor usually has 1-year warranty. For more warrenty services please contact Milesight about it.