NTP is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network. Milesight router/gateway supports different ways to synchronize system time, including sync with browser, sync manually, sync with NTP server and sync with GPS time (Only Milesight router GPS model supports). In this article, we will use sync with NTP server as an example to configure system time below, and how to use the router as an NTP server.


Any one Milesight Router/CPE/Gateway



1. Configure System Time

Step 1. Login router’s Web GUI, navigate to System -> General Settings -> System Time

Step 2. Configure System Time Settings on Milesight router below, then click Save and Apply it.

Time Zone: Select your local time zone

Sync Type: Select time synchronization type, in this example, we choose Sync with NTP Server

Primary NTP Server: Set NTP server address (domain name / IP)

Seconday NTP Server: Optional

Note: The time zone modification will take effect after reboot the router.


2. Use the router as an NTP server

You can only enable NTP Server in “Sync with NTP Server” mode.

Enable NTP Server in System -> General Settings -> System Time.

Now the NTP client in the network can synchronize time with this router.