Q1: What MQTT broker do you recommend to use with gateway?

Answer: Mostly, the platform like AWS and Azure is based on the MQTT. For the open source software, you can install Mosquitto in your Linux platform.


Q2: Whether can I install Wireguard on the UG65?

Answer: Not support installation by yourself, please contact Milesight for software customization if necessary.


Q3: Can you provide username/password for Node-Red for me?

Answer: It is same as username/password used to login gateway’s Web GUI. The default username/password is admin/password.


Q4: Can RS485 sensor be connected to UG6X directly?

Answer: No, UG6X doesn't have RS485 port. You can use Milesight LoRaWAN controller (UC1152 or UC50x Series ) to convert serial-based device data into LoRaWAN data and send them to gateway.


Q5: What is the different between UG87 and UG67?


  1. CPU and RAM: UG87 uses 800 MHz CPU with DDR3 RAM, UG67 uses 1.5G Hz quad-core CPU with DDR4 RAM, which has a better performance;
  2. LoRa chips: UG87 uses SX1301 chip, and UG67 uses SX1302 chip;
  3. Antenna: All antennas in UG87 are external anteannas, while cellular/Wi-Fi/GPS antennas are internal antennas in UG67, LoRa antennas are internal or external optional;
  4. UG67 supports more features like gateway fleet, Node-RED, noise-anaylzer.

Since UG87 is end of life, it’s recommended to select UG67 as your outdoor application option.


Q6: Is the gateways UG65/67 support TCP/IP?

Answer: Yes, UG6x supports TCP/IP.


Q7: Why UG65 shows 3 GB eMMC on the web GUI whereas it is 8 GB on datasheet?

Answer: This is because we use SLC technology to make the flash life longer, but the capacity will be halved.


Q8: Does UG67 run internal chirp stack server ?

Answer: Yes, embedded Network Server of both UG67 and UG65 is based on Chirpstack structure. Besides, you can connect to your own to ChirpStack server referring to article How to Connect Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway to ChirpStack.