Q1: How to connect LoRaWAN sensor to the Fiware platform?

Answer: Fiware platform has integrated with Chirpstack/TTN, so Milesight LoRaWAN sensor can be connected to Chirpstack or TTN and Fiware platform get data from these platforms.


Q2: Can the EM500-PT100- T200 sensor be submerge in hot water?

Answer: Yes, it can be submerged in hot water.


Q3: If I need to change another NS for Milesight LoRaWAN sensors, how to make the device reconnect to the new network server?


  1. Reboot the sensor to allow the sensor to re-join the network quickly.
  2. Enable Rejoin mode which will make sensor send specific amounts of LoRaMAC packets to check connection status. If no reply after specific amount packets, the devices will send re-join packets once more. You can also modify the packet number to smaller value to make it rejoin network once more.


Q4: How should I calibrate the temperature of EM500-PT100?

Answer: You can enable the calibration and input the calibration value via Toolbox. For more details please refer to EM500 Series User Guide



  1. Why there is no 12 VDC output between VOUT and GND of EM500-PP?
  2. Can I send a downlink command to change the reporting interval of EM500-PP remotely?


  1. EM500-PP device only supplies power to PP sensor when the data needs to be collected, which saves battery power.
  2. Yes, you can use downlink command ff03+2 byte time to control the reporting interval. For example, if you need to set the reporting interval as 20 mins (1200s), you can send command ff03b004. (b004=04b0=1200)



  1. I can't find USB port inside the EM300 device. How to configure EM300 device?
  2. I can't find EM300 battery level info in uplink packages.


  1. The new hardware EM300 doesn't support the USB anymore, please configure the device via NFC or TTL interface.
  2. EM300 series sensor only sends battery level when it joins network or every 6 hours. This is fixed and can not be set by reporting interval.


Q7: Is it possible for EM500-PP to report the data every 1 second?

Answer: No, and it's not suggested to upload every 1 second which reduce the battery life quickly.


Q8: Do Milesight gateways and sensors support the AS923-2 frequency band? 

Answer: The gateway supports, the sensor is not yet. Please contact Milesight for customization if you have any application or project for it.


Q9: Is EM310-UDL suitable for detect larger street garbage containers (height 1-2m) or just with small household bins?

Answer: Both support, the detection range of bin sensor is 3-450 cm.


Q10: Can EM500-LGT measure PAR as well?

Answer: No, it can't. Light in the 400-700nm spectral range cannot be detected.


Q11: Is the temperature/humidity probe output from the EM300-xLD a current or voltage output?

Answer: It's a voltage output.


Q12: Is the EM300-ZLD cable extendable?

Answer: Yes, it is support customization.


Q13: Can EM500-SWL be used to detect oil?

Answer: Yes, Milesight supports SWL probe customization for other liquids. Please detail your oil kind and density if you have requirements for it.


Q14: How to installation the EM300-ZLD probe cable?

Answer: There are two installation methods, one is to wrap the column, the other is fixed with cable ties.


Q15: The PIR sensor on the AM300/WS202 used for occupancy rate calculation or if there is people or not detection?

Answer: It is used for detect if there is people or not.