Q1: For Milesight UR75 router,
  1. Is the 4x4 MIMO available on 5G or 4G?
  2. What is the main antenna port of UR75-5G and UR75-4G.
  3. What is the maximum number of supported clients and maximum peak speed on WiFi ?
  1. The 4*4 MIMO is available on 5G only.
  2. For the main antenna port in UR75-5G, all the 4 antennas are main ports; for UR75-4G, the one mark as MAIN is the main port and the AUX is auxilliary port. For more details please refer to UR75 Quick Guide.
  3. The max number of WIFI clients is 60, the max peak speed is about 866Mbps.

Q2: What 5G frequency band does the UR75-500GL-G-W support?

Answer: UR75-500GL-G-W supports these 5G NR bands: N1/N2/N3/N5/N7/N8/N12/N20/N28/N41/N66/N71/N78/N79


Q3: Is it possible to change the WiFi Password of the UR75-5G?

Answer: Yes, log in router's Web GUI, go to Network -> Interface -> WLAN, set the Encryption Mode according to your needs (recommend WPA2-PSK) and fill in the key, click save and apply.


Q4: Does UR32 support TLSv1.2 for OpenVPN?

Answer: Yes, UR32 supports TLS v1.2 for OpenVPN.


Q5: Does the UR35 (Model with FXS port) support a hotdial function?

Answer: UR35 with FXS port does not support hotdial function. If you have any application or projects for it, please contact Milesight about it.


Q6: Is there a way to monitor the router remotely?

Answer: Milesight Devicehub is available to use monitor router status remotely. You can contact Milesight technical support or Milesight sales for Milesight DeviceHub trial account.