Q1: Do I need to configure the gateway fleet function under the same network?

Answer: Yes, all gateways need in same network environment. For more details please refer to article How to Use Gateway Fleet (Multi-Gateway) Feature? 


Q2: For UG6x series gateway,

  1. Is it possible to disable https for node red?
  2. Is it possible to forward the Lora sensor data to SCADA with Modbus?


  1. Not support.
  2. Not supported but you can develop Python App or using Node-Red to achieve it.


Q3: Can gateway work with the SIM card which not data and only supports SMS?

Answer: Not support. Only when the network is registered then the gateway can use the SMS services.


Q4: Does the UG65 supports User Credentials and TLS for MQTT?

Answer: Yes, UG6x gateway supports User Credentials and TLS.


Q5: Does basic station support receiving UG6x GPS info on TTNv3?

Answer: No, LoRa Basic Station protocol does not support uplink GPS messages currently.


Q6: When the gateway is connected to the Azure, how the data is transmitted from the gateway to Azure?

Answer: Azure Platform supports to forward the data through HTTPs and MQTT. More info please refer to this article: How to integrate Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway to Microsoft Azure.


Q7: What is the lowest RSSI Milesight gateway can detect to maintain a reliable connection?

Answer: Milesight gateway can detect -140dBm signal at most.