Milesight Industrial Routers support SNMP function, which is a simple network management protocol, belongs to the application layer protocol in the TCP/IP five-layer protocol and is used for network management. This article describes the configuration of SNMP in Milesight Router.


  • Milesight Router/Gateway/CPE
  • SNMP MIB Browser: Download from here.


Step1. Download MIB file

Login router’s Web GUI, go to System -> SNMP -> MIB download the MIB File.

Step2. Upload MIB file to SNMP MIB Browser

Start SNMP MIB Browser on the PC, Click File -> Load MIB on the menu bar, then select LTE-ROUTER-MIB.txt file from PC and upload it to the software.

Step3. Get OID

Take cellular info as example, expand the list inside step by step to find rtCellularInfo, and then you will see the OID of Cellular info is “ . ”, which will be found in the MIB View settings on the router’s Web GUI.

Step4. Router configuration

  1. Login router’s Web GUI, go to System -> SNMP -> SNMP to enable the SNMP and set the SNMP Version.
  2. Go to System -> SNMP -> MIB View to add MIB view and define the view to be accessed from the outside network.
  3. Go to System->SNMP->VACM, add a new VACM setting to define the access authority for the specified view from the specified outside network
  4. If you want to receive alarm message, go to System->SNMP->Trap to enable network monitoring, and fill in destination (IP/Port).

Step 5. Connect MIB Browser to Router

  1. Go to Edit -> Setting -> Genera l -> SNMP Version, set the same SNMP version as the router.
  2. Connect MIB Browser to router according to the parameters below.
  • Host: The IP of the Milesight router.
  • Port: The default is 161, this can be changed in router web GUI.
  • Community: Fill in community name the same as router in VACM page. In this example, the community name is “ public “.

Step 6. Get the current info on the result box

Right click “rtCellular CurrentSim” and then click “GET”. Then you will get the current SIM info on the result box. You can get other info as this step, too.