Q1: Does the Ethernet port on the Milesight router/gateway supports with a CAT 6 Ethernet cable?

Answer: Yes, it supports with CAT6 cables.


Q2: Is it possible to restart Milesight router via SMS?

Answer: Yes, you can use SMS to restart the device. Please refer to this link to configure the device. After configuring, you can send SMS to restart the device. Reboot SMS Content is "en;reload” .


Q3: The uplink on the UR32 is very slow. We have a requirement for 50+ devices on WiFi.

Answer: Due to the limitation of WiFi chipset, it's suggested to have 8 users connected at most in order to have the best performance.


Q4: I would like to know whether the UR32 can connect to cloud server through LTE 4G or WiFi. Actually, we have a project that requires to receive a dry contact input from UR32 DI interface and feedback to cloud server through 4G LTE in the project initial stage. However, the device should connect to Internet through WiFi after the WiFi network infrastructure is completed.

Answer:  Yes, UR32 can connect to a dry contact via DI port. And the default is high value. After connecting with 4G or WiFi network, UR32 can connect to a remote TCP server. Then you can send command from the TCP server to query the status of DI. For config details, you can submit ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for support.


Q5: We have received the new UR32. I found out that the current firmware version of the new UR32 is Is it possible for us to directly downgrade the firmware version from to which is working well for our application?

Answer: We have made some optimizations on the new firmware. Here's the release note for your reference. If the old firmware is working great, you can submit a ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for the firmware and downgrade.


Q6: I will connect 4 IP cameras to Ethernet ports of UR75 router. I want to send the camera data to AWS S3 for storage. How can I achieve this using the Python SDK?

Answer:  If the camera supports RTSP protocol, AWS can get data and store them via RTSP. UR75 router is  mainly used for providing Internet networks for the cameras and there is no need to make Python programming.


Q7: I want to make port forwarding on the UR35 to an IP camera. I have a dynamic public IP cellular IP address and can use DDNS. How do I configure the source IP?

Answer: Source IP specifies the host or network which can access local IP address. means all.

For example, the camera's IP is, and HTTP port is 80. Below is the configuration example. Then you can access the camera by public cellular IP/domain:8086. The source port 8086 can be other available ports.


Q8: I need the UR35 router to make a phone call using the SIM Card when the Digital Input is closed. I'm not able to configure it because I don't see options to configure phone calls.

Answer: UR35 does not support phone call when DI is triggered. If you have any requirements about it, please contact Milesight about it.


Q9: I'm unable to get multicast messages to be received from WAN to LAN on UR75.

Answer: The router doesn't support multicast/IGMP. If you are working on a certain project, you can contact your sales account manager for evaluation.


Q10: How many users can connect to Milesight router via WIFI at the same time?

Answer: Miesight routers can support up to 108 users.


Q11: I have some PLCs with Profinet, Profibus protocol, OPC UA, can your device support to convert the protocol and uplink to my platform?

Answer: Our router supports to the Python programming that can integrate the Profinet, Profibus, OPC UA.


Q12: What kind of the power adapter does the UR75 use?

Answer: Two kinds of adapter are provided by default: for non-PoE version, the power adapter is 12V/1A; for PoE version , the power adapter is 48V/1.25A. For more information please contact Milesight about it.