Q1: Can I connect a temperature thermistor (10k Type II) sensor to UC1122?

Answer: No, UC1122 can only detect current values. Please convert resistance value into current value through external circuit by yourself.


Q2: Would we be able to connect UC1152 to a volumetric counter with a pulse emitter?

Answer: Yes, UC1152 with hardware v3.0 supports pulse counter mode, you can connect the pulse counter to DI if pulse range is 3-24VDC.


Q3: Can UC502 supply power to external devices through the DO interface?

Answer: No, it can't be used to power external devices. You can use power outputs of UC502 to supply powers.


Q4: How to control the GPIO status of UC501 in application server? Besides application server, is it possible programming the operation in UG6x gateway?

Answer: Please send downlink commands or refer to this guide: How to Remotely Control Milesight Controller via MQTT in Milesight Gateway. You can also use Node-RED to achieve the programming.


Q5: Can the AI of UC502 support reading to four decimal places?

Answer: No, UC50x does not support such high precision.


Q6: Do the UC50x Series devices send an uplink message when the state of a GPIO changes?

Answer: Yes, if the state of a GPIO has been changes, it will upload status immediately.



  1. Does the interface of UC501 with RS485 support MODBUS?
  2. Can UC501 provide 12VDC for external devices?


  1. Yes, UC501 can work as a Modbus master to collect the data of whom is connected via RS485.
  2. Yes, UC501 can supply 12VDC to RS485 device before collecting your sensor data.



  1. What does TxPower=0 mean in UC1122?
  2. I set the reporting interval of UC1122 to 60 seconds, why is it still reporting every 6 seconds?


  1. TxPower=0 means Max EIRP. You can keep tx power as 0.
  2. UC1122 will reports right away if you trigger the DI, so please ensure if DI is triggered. Besides, please ensure the setting is saved.


Q9: Terminal "IN" of UC1122 is connected to 12V, but the DI is triggered failed, what should I do?

Answer: If you use an external 12V power supply to trigger the DI, please connect the supply negative side to IN_COM. If you use the same power supply to power the device and trigger the DI via VIN, please connect the IN_COM to GND and VIN to IN to check if DI triggers.


Q10: If Milesight had any LoRaWAN products that can accept data from an SDI-12 data stream?

Answer: Currently, the SDI-12 is still not supported in our LoRaWAN controllers. If you have any requirements or applications for it, please contact Milesight about it.