1. Is it possible to hide the WiFi network of gateway?
  2. Could webpage be disabled once the configuration is done?
  3. Are there multiple levels of authorization or access rights of gateway?
  4. Is it possible to disable the console port of gateway?


  1. Yes, please go on "Network Server->Interface->WLAN " of Web GUI and then disable the WLAN.
  2. It's not suggested to disable it, or you will lost the configuration panel.
  3. Yes, there are two levels: Read-Only, Read-Write. You can create it under "System->User management-> User management" of Web GUI.
  4. It can not be disabled.


Q2: When adding nodes to the LoRaWAN Gateway, does the frequency configuration of the node and the gateway have to be exactly the same?

Answer: Not necessary, keep all frequencies of sensors are within the frequency range on gateway is enough.


Q3: I want the gateway/server to be the Modbus client/slave, is it possible?

Answer: Milesight gateways do not support acting as Modbus client/slave to read LoRaWAN data via Modbus protocol directly. However, it can work as Modbus server/master to poll remote UC controller data via Modbus RTU to/over TCP feature.


Q4: Does the gateway have a POE port which can provide power to other devices?

Answer: No, it can only work as POE PD device.


Q5: Can we use UG65 at the rooftop? We can add a plastic box to avoid bad weather conditions.

Answer: Yes, and it's also suggested to use our UG67 which is IP67 and suitable for the outdoor environment.


Q6: What frequency bands does the cellular module EC25-AF inside the UG87 support?

Answer: Here are the supported bands:

LTE-FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71;



Q7: Does UG87 LoRaWAN gateway support Node-Red?

Answer: Not support and UG87 is coming to end of life. Please select UG6x series gateway if you need to use Node-RED feature.


Q8: Why can't I add devices to the gateway network server page? The options are greyed out.

Answer: If you connect gateway to Milesight IoT cloud, you only need to add devices in cloud webpage and there is not need to add devices to gateway. So the gateway will show grey indicating that the devices should be added in cloud.


Q9: How can I keep the sensor data in gateway in case of failure connection with cloud platform?

Answer: Milesight UG6x gateway supports Node Red or Python SDK to develop programs to store it.


Q10: How to protect UG67 from lightning strike?

Answer: It's suggested connecting an external lightning protection device or placing the gateway under the lightning rod.