Q1: What is the maximum Tx Power of the WS301 for AS923?

Answer: The max TX power of AS923 is 22dBm.


Q2: What is the detection range for the VS121?

Answer: Taking the installation height of 3m as an example, the detection range is of a radius of 5 meters (approximately 78 square meters); besides, here are the recommended height:


Q3: When using VS121, will it store personal data/image/photo/video?

Answer: No, there is no module for storing image data in the equipment. And Only counter values are transmitted over LoRaWAN® network, which can prevent the privacy concerns.


Q4: Is VS121 can detect in and out direction so that we can count how many people going in and going out as per pre-defined direction?

Answer: In progress. Please kindly contact Milesight about it if you have any application request for it.


  1. How is the soil moisture measured, is it using either VWC or GWC of EM500-SMTC?
  2. I have upgraded the firmware version of EM500-SMTC to the latest one, but humidity data is wrong when using your decoder, what should I do?


  1. This sensor is using VWC, but not GWC.
  2. Humidity resolution has changed from 0.5% to 0.01%. Please click here to paste latest decoder to decode the correct data.


Q6: I can't find EM300 battery level info in uplink packages.

Answer: EM300 series sensor only sends battery level when it joins network or every 6 hours. This is fixed and can not be set by reporting interval.


  1. Does the WS301 report its open/close status periodically?
  2. What kind of technology is used of VS121 to detect amount of people in the regions?


  1. Yes, it reports every 1080 minutes in default. Besides it will also trigger immediately when the switch status changes.
  2. It bases on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to counting people.


Q8: What do I need to pay attention to when using EM500-SMTC?

Answer: If you are measuring data from a hard surface, you should dig holes first (the diameter of the probe should be smaller than the diameter of the hole), then insert into the soil and compact the soil before measuring; the sensor should be prevented from severe vibration and being knocked with hard objects. Because the sensor is in black, the sensor will heat up rapidly (up to 50℃) under strong sunlight.

In order to prevent excessive temperature from affecting the temperature measurement of the sensor, please pay attention to shading and protection when using it in the field.


Q9: What is the Wi-Fi in VS121 used for? Can it be used for transmitting data?

Answer: Wi-Fi can only be used to connect and configure the VS121 and cannot be used for transmitting data.


Q10: How often does the AM10x collect and display the environment data on the screen?

Answer: Temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, TVOC, PIR are collected every 30 seconds, and CO2 is collected every 2 minutes.


Q11: What is the LoRaWAN device type of Milesight sensor?

Answer: In order to save power consumption, Milesight sensor only works in class A.


Q12: Does the EM500-PT100 support customize the probe type and cable length?

Answer: Yes, the standard probe type is straight tube, and it is customizable for more types like pressure ring and magnet. The default cable length is 1.5m, more info please contact with our sales.


Q13: Can EM500-SWL used in pot for food?

Answer: Yes, EM500-SWL shell uses stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, This stainless steel can reach food grade.


Q14: Can EM300-SLD report data immediately when detecting water? How much water can EM300-SLD detect?

Answer: Yes. The working principle is that when two poles are immersed in same water thus conduct between them, the sensor outputs a dry contact signal. So, it can detect whenever two poles are immersed in same water area.


Q15: Can VS121 reports immediately when the people counter changes?

Answer: Yes, it can be reported immediately when the number of people changes.