Q1: What kind of platform/protocols does UC3X supports?

Answer: UC3X supports TCP/UDP/MQTT protocol, and it supports AWS platform.


Q2: We can manage the UC3414 manually in Milesight IOT Cloud. We would like to make a LoRaWAN sensor based on condition trigger. But the UC 3414 is not shown in the device trigger menu in the actions section. Could you suggest a solution please?

Answer: The Triggers on the cloud only work for LoRaWAN devices. If you are working on a certain project requiring this feature, you are welcome to contact Milesight about it.


Q3: I have been trying to configure the UC3452 controller to MQTT broker. In Toolbox, an MQTT username and password could be entered. But they get truncated if more than 32 characters are entered. Is there new firmware to support long user name and password? 

Answer: The standard version doesn’t support long MQTT user name and password. You can submit a ticiket to iot.support@milesight.com about it.


Q4: Can we communicate a PLC with its corresponding programming software through UC3452 with Modbus TCP protocol?

Answer: No, UC3452 doesn't support Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP. It supports transparent transportation (Modbus RTU over TCP). If you have to use Modbus TCP to communicate, you can use UR3X routers.


Q5: UC3414 seems to have different versions. Is there any global version? Which module is used?

Answer: We don't have a global version for UC3414 currently. You need to select the right version according to different areas. You can contact our sales for more information.


Q6: Does UC3414 support pulse counting?

Answer: Standard firmware of UC3414 doesn't support pulse counting. But you can contact your sales account for this special requirement.


Q7: What's the maximum quantity that UC3452 can read Modbus Data per Modbus channel?

Answer: UC3452 supports adding 16 Modbus channels and the maximum quantity of every channel is 8, so UC3452 can read 128 Modbus data at most. If your RS485 device has more than 8 registers, you can add more channels with same slave ID to read the rest registers.


Q8:  I have some questions on the UC3452.

1. Is it possible to configure the controller to go in low power mode for TBD minutes, wake up, read the RS485, send the information and go back to sleep?

2. If it is possible how much is the power consumption in sleep state and in running mode?

3. Is it possible to send SMS or email with the UC3452?

4. Can we write few registers before reading?


1. There is no sleep mode for UC3452. You can adjust the reporting interval to reduce the consumption.

2. For 12 VDC power supply, the typical consumption is about 0.55 W and max is 1.68 W.

3. No. You need to process the data and trigger SMS or emails services in your cloud platform.

4. UC3452 only supports reading Modbus data.


Q9: I have a temperature sensor which is connected to RS485 of UC3X52, how to divide the temperature value by 10 displayed in the dashboard of Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: Please change the decimal place to 1 in Cloud, then the values will be divided 10.