Q1: Is it the only way to manage the digital output of UR32 by activating the digital input?

Answer: No, it can also be activated by SMS, Modbus commands and CLI commands.

For more info please refer to article How to Control DO on Milesight Routers.


Q2: If I don't use SIM card in Milesight industrial routers, can I get data from GPS function via Wi-Fi? 

Answer: Yes. Milesight industrial routers support sending data to TCP server. If your PC and router are under the same network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet), you can open a TCP server software on the PC and configure GPS IP Forwarding on router to connect your TCP server and send data to it.


Q3: Does UR32 have NAT-T on by default for IPsec?

Answer: Yes. There is no need to configure it.


Q4: Does UR35-L00E variant work in all countries/continents or are there different versions for the countries? Would you also have a modem in the program that works all over the world, meaning that we only have to buy one version?

Answer: The UR35-L00E is suitable for EMEA areas. If you need a global version please contact Milesight about it.


Q5: Can UR3x router accept NBN via Ethernet and have a 4G connection built in that automatically switch to 4G if NBN fails?

Answer: Yes if NBN can offer Internet thought Static IP/PPPoE/DHCP settings of UR3x WAN port. And it supports Failover between WAN and 4G cellular network.


Q6: I would like to have a local domain name when I connect to the web server from the LAN2 port. It is configured as DHCP_Server_1 (Bridge0). Is this possible with a UR32?

Answer: No. To access to LAN device, only IP address is possible.


Q7: Can I use the UR32 to tracking vehicle?

Answer: Yes, UR32 cellular module supports Qualcomm® IZat™ location technology and provides quicker, more accurate and dependable positioning.


Q8: If I connect IPC to UR32, how to monitor the IPC via cellular network?

Answer: If your SIM card has public IP address, you need to port mapping the IP and port of your IPC; If your SIM card has private IP address, it is suggested to use the P2P to connect.

Note: It is not recommended to establish VPN for the video stream transmission, since the VPN itself would consume a lot on network resource, so it may affect video steam quality.


Q9: What happens if the router works under the environment more than 70 ℃?

Answer: It will affect the stable cellular registration and cellular network connection.


Q10: How many Watts does the UR35 onsume? How many Watts supply for the PoE PSE?

Answer: The power consumption for the PoE adapter supply to UR35 is 60W, the router itself would consume 5W, the rest used for the PoE PSE.


Q11: How can I connect CANBUS interface to the UR32?

Answer: UR32 does not support to CANBUS interface, it's suggested to connect via CAN to RS485 converter.