Q1: What is the maximum number of channels we can configure in LoRaWAN gateway to receive or send data from Nodes(Channels)?

Answer: The max number of channels that can send and receive is 8. One channel of the gateway can deal with a data packet one second, so if the interval is 1 min, it can deal 480 data packet (nodes); if your sensor interval is 1 hour, it's sure that the gateway can work with 100 devices.


Q2: What's the meaning of the packet with different colors under "Network Server->Packet" tab?

Answer: Blue and white means normal transmission and grey means the message is in queue and waiting for sending. This always happens in sending downlinks to Class A type device.


Q3: Can we connect & configure 2 sensors to the same Application in Milesight gateway? If yes, how to separate every sensor data?

Answer: If the sensor modules are the same, you can use the same application including the same decoder and the MQTT destination. You can configure decoder to add device EUI of every sensor to distinguish every sensor. For more details please refer to How to Use Payload Codec on Milesight Gateway.


Q4: Is it possible to select all international frequencies (for all LoRaWAN frequencies) in one chip with UG67?

Answer: It's unable to select all LoRaWAN frequencies in only one hardware.


Q5: Does Milesight UG6x gateway support Node Red? If so, do I need to expand the eMMC for it?

Answer: Milesight UG6x gateway has supported Node Red with firmware version or above. There is not need to expand the eMMC.


Q6: How to use the Node-Red of Gateway?

Answer: Please refer to LoRaWAN Gateway User Guide about Node-RED introduction and application examples.


Q7: Can the gateway connect to the Ginjer platform?

Answer: Yes, this platform has integrated with TTN, gateway can connect Ginjer platform via TTN.


Q8: Will all the traffic go over the VPN tunnel if connect the gateway to Loriot and enable the VPN?

Answer: No, because VPN tunnels and Loriot traffic destination are different.


Q9: Why can't I see the cellular settings on the gateway Web GUI?

Answer: You can go to "Status->Overview->System information" webpage to check whether the product model contains "L0XX". If not included, it means this model doesn't support cellular. Otherwise please submit a ticket to iot.support@milsight.com about it.


Q10: Is there a way to send data over http(s) to the gateway that will be forwarded to the lorawan-sensor?

Answer: For the HTTP API to send the downlink message to the sensor, it's not supported in our gateway. It's suggested to use MQTT integration which supports both uplinks and downlinks.


Q11: Why can't I connect the gateway to the Internet through WLAN?

Answer: Please check the settings of WAN Failover, which supports Cellular and WAN interface there by default. You need to select WLAN as the primary interface to make the gateway access the network.


Q12: What is the DC power input connector type of UG67?

Answer: The connector type for power input is M12 Connector. For detailed definitions, please refer to the chapter2.5 of UG67 Quick Guide.


Q13: Can Milesight UG6x gateway connect to SCADA system?

Answer: Yes, if your SCADA supports MQTT protocol and can work as MQTT broker, you can connect Milesight gateway to SCADA system and transfer data to it. SCADA system can also poll Modbus data from UC1152/UC50x according to How to Achieve Modbus RTU to/over TCP between Milesight Gateways and Controllers. By the way, Milesight UG6x gateway has integrated the Node-Red for flexible integration.


Q14: Can I connect gateway to Milesight UG6x gateway build-in NS? How many gateways can I connect it at most? Can I use third-party gateway to connect?

Answer: One Milesight LoRaWAN gateway can connect to 4 Milesight UG6x gateways at most, which is a feature of Milesight UG6x gateways only.


Q15: Does the UG65 support dual interfaces to connect network?

Answer: Yes, UG65 supports main interface and back up interface to connect to network.


Q16: Can UG6x gateway connect to multiple MQTT/HTTP servers?

Answer: Yes, Milesight UG6x gateway supports to connect to 1 MQTT server and 1 HTTP/HTTPs server.