Q1: We have 2 4-20mA sensors connected with UC501. We live in more or less sun-free 3-month winter up in nortt, a lot of mountains and not so much direct sunlight but 24/7 light in the summer. The major installation are down in valleys not on top of mountains. I believe the solar will not be able to charge the battery if we send data like every hour. Is it possible to connect a external larger battery and supply it direct from 12V DC battery pack?

Answer: Yes. UC501 can be powered by 5~24V DC external power supply.


Q2: Is it possible to disable public network mode on UC1114 (I am trying to connect to private LoRa network)?

Answer: The UC1114 supports both public LoRaWAN network and the private LoRaWAN network. It depends on the corresponding LoRaWAN gateway. Click here for differences between public and private LoRaWAN network. Please note that private LoRa protocol is not supported by UC1114.


Q3: Pulse counting is set up in UC50x. What happens if it loses connectivity with a gateway? Will it continue counting and provide this updated count when connection is re-established?

Answer: Yes, it will continue counting. LoRaWAN network failure will not affect the counting of UC50x sensor node. The device won't stop counting until power is off.


Q4: Is the payload structure of UC502 the same as the UC11-N1? Or should we use a new decoder?

Answer: The data structure is almost the same but it's recommended to use the decoder of UC50x from this link.


Q5: What is the maximum number of sensors can I connect to the UC501's RS485 interface?

Answer: It can support up to 16 units of sensor when only one data need to be collected for every sensor.