Q1: What's the normal status of relay output on UC1152/UC1122/UC1114?

Answer: The relay output's status is normally closed by default no matter it's powered on or powered off, unless you change the status.


Q2: Can you please advise how we can get pulse count of UC11-N1 to reset every 24 hours?

Answer: There are two ways to reset the pulse counter values:

1. Restart the UC11-N1.

2. Reset the value via ToolBox.


Q3: Does UC500 LoRaWAN® controller have the ability to be triggered from a digital input and immediately send out a packet / alarm instead of sending packets at fixed intervals?

Answer: Yes, the UC50x will send DI status packets immediately when it's triggered.


Q4: If I have a Digital Input sensor in the field, like a UC501, talking to the UG65 and the Digital Input changes from a "open" state to a "closed" state, can I program the UG65 to send an SMS on that input change?

Answer: Yes, you can use "SMS Output" module of Node-RED to achieve this application.


Q5: About UC1152, I have below questions.

1. I understand the UC1152 can read Modbus devices. Does it also support modbus Write to registers?

2. Any plan to update the product to perform Modbus over RS232?


1. Yes. UC1152 supports Modbus RS485 bridge LoRaWAN® feature with which network server can send Modbus write commands to UC1152 and receive the replies.

2. The feature of adding Modbus over RS232 is not on the roadmap yet. If you are working on a certain project, please contact Milesight sales representative for evaluation.


Q6:  I have ToolBox V6.25 but it doesn't work with UC501.

Answer: You can click here to download the latest version to configure UC501.