Q1: Is it possible to charge the battery of UC501 using the cable and the DC power connector if we supply 24VDC?

Answer: Yes, UC501 supports 5-24VDC power supply. And battery is being charged when the device is powered by DC power connector with cable.


Q2: I have a UC50x. I want to force some values on the controller, but I don't have any digital inputs, is there any way I can test the device alone?

Answer: Without external devices to be controlled, if you want to verify the function of controlling DO, you can click "Fetch" button on toolbox to get DO status. If you send command to control, the status will change accordingly.


Q3: What is the maximum current and voltage for the relay output of UC1114 ?

Answer: Maximum current is 3 A and maximum voltage is 250VAC/30VDC.


Q4: What are the main factors that will affect the number of the UC controller that gateway manage?

Answer: The number of UC controller that connect to gateway would be affected by factors like reporting interval, distance, payload length, Lora frequency band, spread factor,etc.