Q1: Does removing the UC1114 (UC11xx/UC34xx) enclosure affect the radio or else performance of the product? We are looking to re-mount it inside another waterproof enclosure for industrial application.

Answer: It would not affect the basic performance with the enclosure removed. Please note that waterproof process is also required for the antenna when you re-mount a new waterproof case.


Q2: Can you help with the questions on Milesight UC51x LoRaWAN controller?

1. We have solenoid latching valve 9 VDC 6 Ohm. can we use UC51x?

2. About solar power: the 5-24 VDC supply has a waterproof connector or similar?

3. Factory settings is Class A? What is the period of uplink? Can it work as CLASS C?


1. UC51x only supports 12V DC latching solenoid now. If 9VDC solenoid latching valves for your project, please contact Milesight about it.

2. 5-24 VDC power connector is M12 connector and it's waterproof.

3. UC511 has rechargeable battery, so it supports Class A and Class C. You can configure it by Toolbox. UC512 has non-rechargeable battery and supports Class A only. Reporting interval of uplinks can be configured from 1-1080 mins.mins


Q3: I have the following questions about the counter mode of the digital input on UC501 LoRaWAN controller.

1. Is there a way to reset the count value with an MQTT command?

2. What is the maximum signal frequency it can read?


1. Yes,there is no command to reset the count value from MQTT server. You need to reset it by clicking "Clear" button on ToolBox or restart the device.

2. Max signal frequency for counter is 50 Hz.