Q1: Can I use the RS232 of UC11-N1 to connect to M-BUS protocol?

Answer: Not support, but you can connect via RS232-MBUS converter.


Q2: Can UC11-N1 is limited to read only 8 modbus register? How to increase that?

Answer: UC11-N1 is almost end of life and replace as UC50x. For UC50x it can read 16 Modbus registers. Besides, UC11xx with new hardware also supports 16 registers.


Q3: How to change the LoRaWAN Frequency of UC11-T1 and UC1152?

Answer: Please change the frequency via Toolbox software according to article How to Change LoRa Frequency of Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors. UC11-T1 has equipped with USB port inside the device.



  1. Is it possible to obtain multiple modbus values from one device?
  2. Why I only receive UC501 Modbus data not battery data?
  3. Is the power port on the side of the UC501 intended for external solar power or either?
  4. Is it normal that battery level increase slowly when charging via built-in solar panel?
  5. Is it possible to charge the batteries with the device off? Can you charge them through usb-c?


  1. Yes, you can create multiple modbus channels on UC501 and UC3x52 to get multiple values from one or more than one external sensor.
  2. UC501 only sends battery level data when joining the network or every 6 hours.
  3. Yes, the port can be used for external solar power supply or DC power supply.
  4. Yes, the built-in solar panel is very small, so it's hard to charge battery quickly. To make it get more solar energy, you can install UC501 with angle. The tilt angle is determined according to the geographical position (latitude, etc.); The solar panel is directly facing the sun (or slightly southwest), if conditions permit, make the inclination is the same as the local latitude as soon as possible.
  5. Yes, you can charge the battery via USB or DC connector.


Q5: What is the time range to power on Analog or Modbus device for UC501?

Answer: The time range is from 0-10000ms.


Q6: Does UC1152 RS232 interface support Modbus master function?

Answer: Modbus master function can only be used for the RS485 serial port, you can add a RS232 to RS485 converter between UC1152 and your device to fulfill.


Q7: Does UC501 support power supply by power adapter instead of solar power?

Answer: Yes, UC501 supports 5-24VDC power supply.


Q8: How many voltages of latching solenoid can the UC51X control?

Answer: UC51x controller can connect and control 12V latching solenoids.


Q9: If there is a problem with the connection between the gateway and the UC1114, how to change the UC1114 relay output status ?

Answer: UC11xx series support 'COMMAND' function to configure IF-THEN triggers, you can trigger relay to on/off in a certain period of time or via DI.