Step 1. Install all cellular antenna(s) onto MAIN/AUX/LTE port(s). 

Step 2. Install SIM 2 to Milesight router and SIM 1 to mobile phone. Whn installing to router, using a screwdriver to open SIM card slot shell, then insert SIM 2 to SIM card slot.

Step 3. Check the cellular network register status.

Access to Milesight router’s web GUI, go to Status > Overviews, wait until the Status change to “Ready”, which means the SIM has registered, and then go to Status > Cellular, the status of Network change to “Connected”, which means the router has connected to the Internet.

Step 4. Add phone number and phone group list, which are permitted to control the router.

Go to System> Phone & SMS > Phone, add the number of mobile phone SIM1. Then create a phone group, select SIM1 phone number to phone group, click on Save and Apply.

Step 5. Configure SMS center number and SMS content format.

Go to Network > Interface > Cellular, fill in proper SMS Center number with country dial-up code like "+1" or”+86”. (SMS Center number can be acquired from cellular service provider)

Then go to System>Phone & SMS > SMS, choose PDU or TEXT as SMS mode. Then enable SMS Remote Control, choose Authentication Type and Phone Group. Click on Save and Apply. This step defines that only SIM 1 numbers of phone group 1 can send message to control this router.


1. There are two SMS modes:

1) Text: Pure Text Mode, mainly used in Europe and America. Technically, it can also be used to send Short Messages in Chinese. When CLI commands will be sent to control the router, Text mode is recommended to choose.

2) PDU: It’s the default encoding Mode for mobile phones, which conform to all mobile phones SMS format and can use any character.

2. Authentication Type:

1) Phone: Only the phone number in the Phone number list can be authenticated 

2) Password+Phone: Only the password and phone number which in the Phone number list can be authenticated. When you send SMS command, the format is {Password};{body}. like ms;show cellular module info. Password only supports two characters currently.

3. For old UR models or firmwares, SMS setting is under Network->Cellular.

Step 6. Use router to send message to mobile phone.

Go to System> Phone & SMS > SMS, fill in mobile phone number with country dial-up code like "+86", and message content. Then click Send. The send out status be checked under Outbox.

Step 7. Send message from external mobile phone to Milesight router.

Here, we will send CLI message from the SIM 1 of mobile phone to control the router.

1) If Phone is set as Authentication Type.

When a CLI message is sent correctly, mobile phone will receive a reply "success:[sent command]\n[returned value]\n;".

2) If Password+Phone is set as Authentication Type.

When a CLI message is sent correctly, mobile phone will receive a reply "success:[sent command]\n[returned value]\n;".

3) Otherwise, SIM1 will receive "failure:[sent content];".Each reply message will have a semicolon in the end. 



1. Before sending CLI command to router, please click this to get available CLI commands from Mielsight router CLI command documentation first.

2. When sending an SMS containing a series of commands to configure, please use a semicolon to split each command.


show WAN port info; enable; configure terminal; log global loglevel 7;

configure terminal;phone add number 17799999999;

3. When a single command being sent, which needn’t end with a semicolon. Here are common single CLI commands used below:

  • show user
  • show wan port info
  • reboot system now!
  • ping

4. The length of SMS in inbox is limited to 153 characters including spaces and punctuation Longer commands will be cut into 2 SMSs.