Milesight router UR32/UR35/UR75 supports multiple types of DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server). When the router obtains a public via Ethernet or cellular connection, you can configure DDNS on the router to achieve remote access to the router with a domain name. This article describe how to configure No-IP on the router.


Milesight Router UR32/UR35/UR75


  1. Refer to the Quick Start Guide to connect the router on the Internet.
  1. Sign up domain on No-IP website.Click Free Sign Up.

 If you already have an account, you can Sign In directly.

  1. After sign in, go to Dynamic -> No-IP -> Hostnames to create hostname.

  1. Router Configuration

Go to Network -> DDNS to set DDNS.

Name: user-defined.

Username: the account name of No-IP. Generally it’s an email address.

Password: password of No-IP account.

Hostname: the hostname(domain) you create on No-IP.

Click Save and Apply button.

  1. If DDNS works correctly, you will see Connected Status in router and IP updated on Dynamic DNS -> No-IP Hostnames of No-IP website.