This article briefly describes how to use serial DTU transparent mode in Milesight router. It is suitable for actively reporting equipment and device using non-standard Modbus RTU protocol.



-Milesight UR router/CPE

-1 computer

-TCPCOM(sscom or Netassisst)

-Serial port to USB converter



Step1: Connect PC to router via serial port;

Step2: Run the SSCOM tool simulate as serial port device, select the corresponding serial port and open;

Step3: Run another SSCOM as TCP server. Select TCP Server mode and configure the IP address and port of the TCP server, and click to open;

TCP server host:

Port: 8099

Step4: Navigate to Serial Port->Serial, enable the correct serial port and configure basic serial port settings.

Step5: Select Serial Port mode as DTU Mode, and DTU Protocol as TCP.

Step6: Fill in the TCP server address and port in the destination IP list, click Save&Apply and refresh the page to view the connection status.

 Serial port data will also be trasmitted to the TCP server. The serial device can also receive the downlinks from TCP server.