A demilitarized zone (DMZ) is a perimeter network that protects internal network (LAN) from untrusted traffic. It exposes external-facing services to untrusted networks and adds an extra layer of security to protect the sensitive data stored on internal networks, using firewalls to filter traffic. Organizations typically store external-facing services and resources in the DMZ, for example, DNS, FTP, web servers, etc.

Milesight router supports to the DMZ function on the router. This article will guide you how to use the DMZ function on Milesight routers.



-Milesight Routers/Gateways/CPE

-2 computers

-TCP Server and TCP Client Tool


Step1:Navigate to Interface->Bridge to set the bridge IP address.

Step2: Navigate to Firewall->DMZ, fill in your DMZ host and source IP. In this example, DMZ host is the TCP server.

Note: if you want to allow any IP to access, you could set source address to

Step3: Run the TCP server tool on DMZ host and set a random port(777).

Step4: Connect TCP client to the DMZ host via router WAN IP: DMZ host port, in this example is

Step5: TCP server can receive data from TCP client.