The port mapping function is available to Milesight router, which can help user to access multiple service on multiple devices by different ports of IP address, and keep other devices in safer interval network environment.


  • Milesight routers/CPE/gateways
  • Other devices with specific service in router subnet


Step 1. Access to router web GUI, go to Network > Firewall > Port Mapping, add port mapping rules.

Source IP: The IP address of external device which can be allowed to access, when filled in, everyone will be allowed. Here we allow PC to access only.

Source Port: The TCP or UDP port defined by user for router to receive incoming packets. Port 45 and 68 defined here.

Note: The source port number shouldn’t be conflict with the port of router has been used. If the port number occupied by another service need be used, please go to Network->Firewall->Security to change the occupied port to another first.

Destination IP: The IP address of router subnet device which need to be mapped to the specified port.

Destination Port: The specific service configured on subnet device which need port mapping to be accessed. Here we map port 80 of gateway and port 8080 of server.

ProtocolTCP , UDP or both.

Step 2. Open a browser, access to “router Public IP: Source port”.

Here, we access to, we can access and login to gateway web GUI directly.

When access to, we can access and login Chirpstack server platform.