Q1: About "Confirmed Mode" on the sensor, how many times the device will re-transmit an uplink if an acknowledgement isn't received?

Answer: Sensor will send the same package at most 3 times.


Q2: EM500-LGT sensors are reporting negative values. How can I trouble shooting it?

Answer: Please refer to decoder from this link to double check whether the decoder is correct. Besides, if you put it under big sun, it may cause data overflow.


Q3:  EM300-TH still doesn't join network of UG65. How can I trouble shooting it?

Answer: Please refer to article How to Connect LoRaWAN Node/Sensor to Milesight Gateway for details and double check the following configuration:

1. Make sure the frequency and channel of UG65 and EM300-TH are the same.

2. Make sure the Appkey set in UG65 and EM300-TH are the same.

3. Make sure the antenna type of UG65 setting is correct.

For further trouble shooting please submit tickets to Milesight technical support.


Q4: How to register the EM300-TH device on the TTN Network Server?

Answer: Please refer to article How to Connect Your LoRaWAN Nodes to TTN v2.


Q5: I set Threshold for CO2 on AM107. When CO2 is over the threshold, the sensor will send CO2 value only. Can it send other values together?

Answer:  No. The sensor doesn't send other values when CO2 value is over the threshold. All sensor values will be only sent based on the reporting interval.


Q6: AM107 is not joining with UG65 on Milesight IoT Cloud. How can I trouble shooting it?

Answer: Please check following points:

1. Make sure UG65 is connected on Milesight Cloud.

2. Make sure UG65 and AM107 are using the same frequency plan and frequency channel. If you use AU915/US915 which is the UG6x gateway default channel setting, you would need to change frequency channel to 8-15.

3. Make sure you add the sensor on Milesight IoT Cloud with correct serial number.

For more details please refer to LoRaWAN Node is Inactive on Milesight IoT Cloud.


Q7: I am developing a LoRaWAN rural network for large farms and looking for devices that can detect motion to enable detection of wild animals such as wild pigs before they can enter and damage the crop. Do you have such product?

Answer: Currently we don't have outdoor PIR sensor available to detect motion.


Q8:  I have two of three AM107 sensors are offline on Milesight IoT Cloud. The distance between the 2 devices and the UG65 is very close, more or less 30m.

Answer: Please refer to this article LoRaWAN Node Uplink Packet Lost in Milesight Cloud for some tips.


Q9:  How does the calibration of the EM500-CO2 take place?

Answer: You can refer to article How to Calibrate CO2 Value of AM107/EM500-CO2.


Q10:  I tested EM300-TH. When I use the apps on my smartphone and tap "read", I don't have the temperature and humidity information.

Answer:  When you take the first reading after the sensor is powered on, you will not get the temperature and humidity values. You can read it again and you will get value. Besides, make sure you are using the latest version of ToolBox.


Q11: On the channel tab of EM300-TH-868M the index 0,1,2 are lock. Is it possible to edit them?

Answer: No, the channels are fixed based on the LoRaWAN protocol. If you need to edit them for a certain requirement, please contact Milesight about it.


Q12: How to connect ToolBox Software with NFC Reader? When I use NFC Reader (Type ACR122U), the ToolBox can't be connected. Do you have a suggestion for this problem?

Answer: Milesight sensors only support NXP-PN532 series NFC readers. It's recommended to purchase from Milesight if you need it.


Q13: What is the CO2 sensor brand of AM107?

Answer: The S11 SunRise of the Senseair .


Q14: What is the TVOC sensor brand of AM107?

Answer: The SGPC3 of the Sensirion.


Q15: How can I appraise the level of CO2 value?

Answer: You can refer to the table as below:

CO2 Level



Normal outdoor air level


Typical level indoors with good ventilation.


Poor air quality-requires ventilation.


Headaches, sleepiness and stagnant, stale, stuffy air.

Poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart

rate and slight nausea may also be present.


Workplace exposure limit (as 8-hour TWA) in most


Exposure may lead to serious oxygen deprivation resulting in permanent brain damage coma, even death.

Q16: Can EM300-TH set to report periodically every 1 hour and if it reached threshold 40 degree then it must report?

Answer: Yes, it supports. EM300 series will upload the current data once the threshold is triggered.


Q17: What kind of liquid the EM300-ZLD support?

Answer: Water, weak acid and weak basic liquid.