Q1: Is it possible expand the memory and flsh of UG65?

Answer: To upgrade the memory and flash, we will need to re-design and produce the hardware, which take quite a long time. Highly recommend you to contact your sales account for commercial evaluation if you are working on a certain project.


Q2: Could you please let me know when you can include LBT functionality in UG65 LoRa gateway?

Answer: LBT is ready in Milesight sensors. It would be available for gateways in Q3-Q4 of 2021.


Q3: We have previously managed to integrate the UG85/UG87 gateways to our cloud platform to allow us to collect data via MQTT. We want to change to UG65/UG67, can you confirm if the technology used in the UG65/UG67 gateways is the same or will we need to develop a new integration of the UG65/UG67 models?

Answer: Yes, the MQTT connection in UG65/UG67 and UG85/UG87 are the same.


Q4: I want to connect UG65 to TTN(The Things Network) but there is no TTN option in UG65 packet forwarder.

Answer: Only the latest version supports TTN option and an upgrade is available on our website . Here’s article How to Connect Milesight Gateway to TTN v2 for your reference about configuration.


Q5: Do you have a LoRaWAN gateway with an on board MQTT broker?

Answer: Currently our LoRaWAN gateway doesn't support as MQTT broker. If you have a certain project that requires this feature, you are welcome to contact us for more information.


Q6:  Is it possible to control the gateway, create/delete device and get last payload from sensor via REST API?

Answer: No. Currently REST API is not available. Our gateway allows to create /update/ remove devices from third party server via MQTT, and obtains the real-time data after the sensor uplinks the data. You can submit ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for more information.


Q7:  Can I use UG65 as WiFi AP with SIM card?

Answer: Yes. UG65 supports WiFi as access point. You can configure it as AP with/without SIM card.


Q8: Is the gateway UG65 compatible with the Thingsboard platform?

Answer: Yes, UG65 is compatible with the Thingsboard. You can submit ticket to iot.support@milesight.com for instructions.


Q9:  I am trying to set the UG65 to access the WAN through the local network. I have changed UG65 Wireless IP address to I need to set the eth0 port IP address as (or similar), with a gateway address of to access the internet through my router. ( I just get a fail message.

Answer: It’s not possible to configure the WAN IP and wireless IP address under the same subnet You can configure in different subnets.


Q10:  I want to achieve Modbus RTU over TCP. The user guide says make sure the port of the UC1152 is the same as when you add the device to the gateway. But I don’t know where to set the port number when adding the device to the UG65.

Answer: You may have old firmware of UG65. You can download the latest firmware from our website. After upgrading the firmware, you will find the port when adding a the UC1152 on the gateway as below.


Q11:  Is it possible to monitor the internal temperature of the gateway?

Answer: The gateway does not install temperature sensor inside the device. The way is to open the case to measure temperature.


Q12: What is the difference between UG65 and UG67?

Answer:  Please refer to the below chart:





2* Internal antennas, 1* External Antenna Connector Optional, equips with 1*18 cm LoRa Antenna

2*Internal Antennas + 2* External Antenna Connectors, equips with 2*60cm LoRa Antennas by default

Ingress Protection



Power Supply

1.9-24VDC by Jack connector

2.802.3af standard PoE

1.802.3 af standard PoE

2.12V DC by M12 connector

Support Power-Failure alarms


No Support



Desktop, Wall or Pole Mounting

Wall or Pole Mounting


Q13: I have a Lora gateway whose frequency is EU868, how can I change to AS923?

Answer: No, it can't change to AS923 since the board and Lora module (hardware) of EU868 and AS923 gateway are different.