Symptom 1. When adding device, error message ”Please enter the correct SN” shows.

Solution: Only Milesight gateway and node can be added to Milesight IoT Cloud Platform.

Please check whether the right SN is input, Milesight IoT Cloud platform manage the devices by SN instead of the gateway EUI of the gateway or the DevEUI of the end-devices. You can find SN in the back label of the device, the status of the gateway page and the ToolBox App page when you read sensors via NFC or USB.

Symptom 2.When adding device, error ”Sorry,this device has been associated with another account” shows.

Solution: Check whether this gateway or the sensor has been registered by another account. Dig it out then remove it, then you can register the device in your own account. If you really forgot where it binds to, you can contact Milesight support for help.

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