Q1: Is it possible to count the number of times the EM300-MCS switch changes state? I.e. create a pulse accumulator?

Answer: Not supported, this can be easily process in server side. You can decode the EM300-MCS data and add pulse accumulator.


Q2: How to configure the Milesight LoRaWAN sensors to operate at a single frequency?

Answer: You can configure a single frequency by modifying the channel index by ToolBox. Please refer to article How to Change LoRa Frequency of Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors about it.


Q3: We have a request to monitor the filling of some septic tanks. Is EM500-SWL made only to measure water or also for different materials such as septic tanks, sewers?

Answer: EM500-SWL is only made to measure water, not suitable for septic tanks. It's recommended to use another model EM500-UDL which is a Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for measuring materials such as septic tanks. You can learn more information about EM500-UDL on our website.


Q4: We connect Milesight sensor to TTI. Can we go from TTI into your Milesight IoT Cloud without using your gateways with LoRa Network Server?

Answer: No, you can't go from TTI into the cloud. Besides, Milesight IoT Cloud only supports Milesight device connection. If you need to add Milesight sensors to cloud, Milesight gateway is necessary.


Q5: I want to use the AM107-868M with a single channel gateway. Is it possible to configure the sensor with only one channel?

Answer: No. In standard LoRaWAN protocol, there are 3 channels fixed for EU868 and it can’t be changed. If you have a certain project in process, please contact Milesight for evaluation.


Q6: Can the AM107 LoRaWAN sensor store data in the memory?

Answer: No. The AM107 doesn't have cache inside to store data. It upload data to the gateway in LoRaWAN confirmed mode. If it fails for 3 times, then the data would be dropped.


Q7: Why there are some uplink payloads lost when I use Milesight LoRaWAN gateway and sensor with the Loriot network server?

Answer: Please check if the UG6x gateway and sensor are configured with same channel plan as the Loriot network server.


Q8: The datasheet of EM500-PP states 0-1600 kPa or 16 bar for the measuring range. Does this mean the relative pressure or the absolute pressure?

Answer: It means the gauge (relative) pressure.


Q9: Do you have an outdoor sensor that can detect rain and how heavy it is?

Answer: We don't have such sensor. If you find a rain gauge that has pulse output, then you can connect the device to UC501/UC502 LoRaWAN controller which supports pulse counting to count rainfall.