Q1: We have our own private 5G (SA) network with our base station. We do not have access to the public network of a mobile operator. If the UR75 does not have Internet access on the 5G network, the 5G connection will be unstable.

Answer: If you use private cellular network, please disable "Ping Detection" on "Network-> Link Failover" or change ICMP servers to reachable ones. Routers will use ping detection to check the network connection regularly.

Q2: How can I access the router remotely to configure it?


1. If the WAN IP of the router is public, you can access the router with this IP directly.

2. If the WAN IP of the router is private, on the one hand you can use Milesight DeviceHub to manage and configure router remotely. On the other hand, you can set up VPN server at server side, and connect the router to server through VPN. Then you can access the router through VPN.  


Q3: Is it possible to install the ZeroTier VPN software into a Milesight UR3x series router?

Answer: ZeroTier VPN is not supported in Milesight router. It supports multiple VPN types including PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN/GRE/IPsec/DMVPN.


Q4: How do I find the IP addresses of the LAN devices attached to UR32?

Answer: You can check the real time IP addresses of LAN devices on "Status -> Host List > DHCP Leases".


Q5: How do I enter the passphrase for a private key (certificate) of OpenVPN on UR32?

Answer: For UR32, the passphrase for authentication with the certificate in OpenVPN. You can refer to this page and input the user name and password as the OpenVPN server required.


Q6: I need to access some cameras behind the router(LAN side). This is normally done via NAT. But the WAN IP of the LTE connection isn't public. I have the routers connected through OpenVPN. Can I reach to the cameras through it for management?

Answer: Yes, when WAN IP of the router is private IP, with VPN established and NAT configured on it, you can reach to cameras for management. But for video stream, it's not recommended. Because bandwidth is reduced too much in OpenVPN encryption.


Q7: How can I identify my GPS information from multiple routers?

Answer: You can add the prefix or the suffix in "Industrial -> GPS -> GPS IP Forarding" page.


Q8: How many registers  UR router can read when working as Modbus master?

Answer: UR routers can add 64 Modbus register channels to read data.


Q9: Can UR router setup as master or slave for Modbus?

Answer: Yes, it can.  It sends commands to read data from RS232/RS485 devices when working as Modbus master. In addition, the router would respond the DI/DO status when working under the Modbus slave mode.


Q10: Do you have a router with high throughput and relatively low latency on cellular?

Answer: Yes, please use our UR75 router which supports 5G. For more info, please refer to the link as below:

UR75 5G Industrial Router Milesight - We Connect Things to Cloud


Q11: Can the Milesight routers support to the other language?

Answer: Yes, please contact our sales to make it.