Q1: What is the difference between AUX and MAIN sockets on Milesight router?

Answer: AUX is the auxiliary cellular antenna connector using for big data transmission. Usually only MAIN connector is necessary.


Q2: looking for a router to deploy on a yacht. This boat will go around the world, but basically Europe and USA (AT&T). Will the model UR75 5G work in these two areas?

Answer: Yes, it can. The cellular module of UR75 5G router is a global version. For more info about frequency bands please contact Milesight sales.


Q3: I need a code to access the Python supervisor. Can you please send me this password?

Answer: Default username/password is pyapp/py123456app.


Q4: How can I access to the Web GUI of Milesight gateway/router over the cellular connection?

Answer:To access Milesight gateway/router via cellular network, you can check whether the cellular IP address is a public IP from the carrier (Telekom for example).

1. If it's public IP, you can access it using this public IP directly. That's the best and easiest solution.

2. If it's a private IP, there are two methods.

A. Install Milesight DeviceHub on your server for remote central management of the gateway/router.

B. Establish VPN to access the gateway/router via virtual tunnels.


Q5: The customer wants to have Wi-Fi coverage all over the bus with UR75 5G router. Is there any recommendations for placing antennas?


  1. UR75 5G router has 2 Wi-Fi antennas and 4 cellular antennas. It's recommended to mount the router on the top of the bus.
  2. For Wi-Fi antennas, one is 2.4GHz, and the other is 5GHz. The antenna position is recommended to be in the middle top of the bus, and direction is pointing to the bus.
  3. Cellular Antennas are screw /magnet mounted outside the bus. The length of the cable should be less than 2 meters if possible to reduce signal attenuation.


Q6:  If I want to update the configuration and/or the firmware, is there a command I can send with the file to the router?

Answer: Currently there is no way to update the firmware or configuration by commands. You need to access the Web GUI to do it.


Q7: Does your router support IEEE802.11s or any other Mesh-WLAN standard? While it is already quite popular in home-applications with proprietary solutions, we do not find it common in industrial environments.

Answer: Currently the IEEE802.11s or MESH-WLAN is not supported in Milesight routers.


Q8:  I am working on a UR75 5G router and was wondering why I cannot adjust the LAN port properties? On the old UR75s that we have I am able to adjust the speed and duplex on each port, but cannot on this new version.

Answer: The hardware platform of the UR75 5G router is different from the old UR75 router and it’s not able to adjust the property currently.


Q9: What is the default username and password for Milesight router?

Answer: The default username and password for all Milsight routers is admin/password. You can download documents for more Milesight product information from Milesight website.


Q10: Are the UR75 device vibration resistant?

Answer: Yes, UR75 has passed resistant-vibration tests.


Q11: I wants to monitor a machine once or twice a year via RJ45 interface, am I able to activate the data (LTE) on the router by SMS or a phone call for example?

Answer: Yes, the cellular connection can be triggered by SMS or calls.