Q1: When we test the communication between the gateway and TTN in our office, all works fine. When we move the gateway to other location in my city, at first it appears like "connected" and a couple of hours later it ends up with like "not connected" and remains in that condition. Do you have idea if we need to make some additional configuration in the UG67 or if the TTN (free version) is blocking our gateway?


  1. Since you moved the gateway to other place, you can double check if gateway still has Internet access by using the ping tool in Maintenance->Ping of web GUI.
  2. If network status is good, you can connect gateway to TTN through TTN package forwarder. Please refer to this guide  How to Connect Milesight Gateway to TTN. Sometimes Semtech UDP package forwarder is unstable.

Q2: I can't connect UG65 gateway to Milesight IoT Cloud. What's wrong?

Answer: The main trouble shooting steps are as below.

  1.  Make sure the gateway has network access. Please refer article Fail to Access the Network of Milesight Gateway if network failure.
  2. "Milesight IoT Cloud" is enabled in gateway web GUI.
  3.  You have added gateway on Milesight IoT Cloud with the correct SN.

For further trouble shooting please refer to article How to Analyze Connecting Issue between Milesight Gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud


Q3: Is it possible to have data storage in Milesight Gateway in case of network failure?

Answer: Milesight gateways do not support data storage currently. You can contact your sales representative for evaluation if you have certain project that requires this feature.  


Q4: How can I improve the LoRaWAN® coverage of UG65/UG67?

Answer: Please refer to article How to Improve the LoRa Signal.


Q5: Can you tell me some unique features of Milesight Gateway which are different from other brands?

Answer: You can refer to the following product highlights of Milesight gateways.

  • Support multiple gateway integration
  • Forever-free Embedded network server
  • Friendly Milesight IoT cloud integration
  • Some other features such as Node Red, Class B, Multicast, frequency Sweep


Q6: For UG6x gateway, the new downlink topic includes "$deveui" as wildmask to appoint messages to a certain device. Are there any more wildmasks to use/apply on topics configuration?

Answer: Currently there is no other wildmask supported in the topics except the $deveui in the downlink on the web.


Q7: We would like to "hard-code" the Broker Address of the MQTT Server in your LoRaWAN® Gateway. The editing should be allowed only for any Authorized Personnel using a secure "password".

Answer: The gateway supports multiple levels of user authority. Users with Read-Only permission are not able to edit any configuration.


Q8: We have the gateway on our roof and problems with the signal in our rooms. Do you have suggestion?

Answer: If you want to manage the sensors in the buildings instead of sensors in remote locations, it's recommended to install the gateway in the middle or nearby building instead of on the roof. You can also increase the gain of the antenna to cover better in nearby area. Here is article How to Improve LoRa Signal for your reference.


Q9:  I configure Ethernet port and cellular failover in the gateway. If we move the gateway to another building in our company, should the Gateway be reconfigured to the Internet network of that building?

Answer: It depends on the network structure of your company. After moving to another building, you can check if Ethernet WAN is working fine by ping tool. If yes, then no need to change anything else in the gateway.


Q10: Is the sensor able to renew Azure SAS Token automatically in Milesight gateways?

Answer: Currently, it isn't. It's recommended to use the token for 5 years.


Q11: What is the default username and password for Milesight gateway?

Answer: The default username and password for all Milsight gateways is admin/password. You can download documents for more Milesight product information from Milesight website.


Q12: How many devices can I add on the device list of the UG6X?

Answer: Unlimited, but it is highly recommended that no more than 2000 units are added.


Q13: How can I integrate your built-in NS in gateways with my platform?

Answer: Milesight gateways support MQTT, HTTP and HTTPs protocols to integrate your IoT platform, and we also integrate the Node-Red to interact with your platform.