This article will guide you how to upgrade firmware on Milesight EM300 and EM500 series sensor.

  • FOTA
  • Upgrade Locally


Milesight EM300/EM500 Sensor



  1. Remove the Shield Cover

Open the round screw cover with knife, unscrew those four screws with screwdriver and remove the shield cover.

EM300 Series               

  EM500 Series

  1. Connect EM300/EM500 to PC via USB Type C

After removing the shield cover, you can find the USB port on the mainboard and then connect the EM300/EM500 to computer via USB Type C cable.

EM300 Series 

 EM500 Series

  1. Open Toolbox to Upgrade Firmware on Maintenance -> Upgrade
  • FOTA

Select suitable domain and then click Up to date to obtain the latest firmware.

If there is new version available, you will get info as below.

Click Upgrade Now to upgrade firmware.

It will take a few minutes to upgrade. After successful upgrade, it will pop up the notification as below.

If there is no new firmware available, you will see the info as below after clicking Up to date.

  • Upgrade Locally

Downlink the latest firmware on Milesight website. Click Browse to import the firmware, and then click Upgrade.

After successful upgrade, it will pop up the notification as below.

Note: When you reassembling EM500 series sensor, make sure you put the cover in correct direction as below. If it’s forced to put in the opposite direction, a component on the mainboard would be damaged.