• SMTP client setting
  • Email group setting

SMTP Client Setting

SMTP is an application layer protocol used to send Emails. Ursalink routers or gateways adopt one e-mail working as SMTP client and use this SMTP client to send emails.

1. Make sure that the router or gateway has connected to the Internet.

2. Go to “System->General Settings->SMTP” and fill in information of Email working as SMTP client.

3.Click “Save ”and “Test” to check if this SMTP client works.

Gmail Configuration Example

1. Router/Gateway Setting

  • SMTP Server Address:
  • Port: 465(SSL)/587(TLS)
  • Encryption: TLS/SSL

Note: Enable “TLS” and use port 587 if you configure UG8x gateway.

2. Gmail Setting

Go to “Settings” page and select “Account and Import” menu, click “Other Google Account Settings”.

Select “Security” menu and turn on “Less secure app access” service.

Email Group Setting

1. Go to “System->General Settings->Email” to add email list you need to send emails.

2. Create a Email group list according to your requirements.

Email groups can be used in event settings, digital input settings and Modbus master alarms.