In order to save your data plan and ensure robust cellular network connection, Ursalink routers and gateways support configuration for SIM card switch, on-demand cellular connection, etc. On-demand connection can be quickly enabled via SMS, phone or DI trigger


The following guide describes how to configure cellular connection via SMS. Before sending any SMS commands, you have to make sure your SIM card already registers.



  • 1 Ursalink Router/Gateway with cellular module
  • 1 Mobile Phone
  • 2 SIM cards

Step 1:

Install SIM2 and confirm that it can register network and send/receive SMS, and then remove SIM2.

Step 2:

Install cellular antenna(s) onto MAIN/AUX/LTE port(s), and the system LED indicator will blink once. Install SIM2 in Ursalink router (refer to Quick Guide for SIM slot position).

Step 3:

Open “Network>Interface>Cellular”, enable the slot and fill in regional SMS center number.

Step 4:

Choose “Connect on Demand”, enable and click “Triggered by SMS”. Return to “Status>Cellular”, see if the device is disconnected from Internet.

Step 5:

Fill in the phone number and create a phone group.

Step 6:

Return to “Network>Interface>Cellular”, choose the phone group ID and define a special character string.

Step 7:

Send the special character string to the device, check cellular status again and see if it is connected now.