Milesight Routers support Wi-Fi feature, which can work as AP or Client mode.

This article describes how to configure local network communication via Wi-Fi between Milesight routers.



  • UR35 with Wi-Fi module
  • UR75 with Wi-Fi module
  • 2 Laptops


1.  AP configuration, in this example, UR75 as Wi-Fi AP. And connect to the Internet via WAN port.

AP Isolation: When AP isolation is enabled, all users with access to the AP are isolated without communication with each other. This feature should be disabled for this case.  

Guest Mode: The internal network is not allowed to visit if the guest mode is enabled. This feature should be disabled for this case.

2. Set bridge IP of UR75

3. Set bridge IP of UR35 

4. Connect UR3X to UR75 via wifi

5. Set WLAN to the highest link priority.

6. Connect two laptops to UR75 and UR35 respectively, check the connection.