Onboarding will bind the hotspot to your Helium wallet permanent unless you transfer it to others. Since the onboarding process is irreversible, please double check if you input the correct Helium wallet address you want to bind to. 

If you have trouble to onboard the UG6x hotspot, please follow below steps. If you don’t find ‘Helium’ tab shows in below article, please update to our latest firmware ( and above) and clean the browser cache.


Check List:


1. Check if your hotspot connected to Internet.

You can use Ping tool at Maintenance->Tools->Ping to check the Internet connection on your hotspot. If hotspot can’t ping the external network, please double check your network setting. You can refer to this guide about how to connect Milesight hotspot to internet: 

2. Check if your Helium image up to date.

In early batch of UG6x hotspot, the default Helium version is outdated and will cause cannot onboard issue.

You can check the current Helium image version at Helium -> Operation -> Operation -> Helium Version


If the version older than 2022.01.12.1, please mark the Enable checkbox and click Helium Reset button to force the update or wait till it upgrade automatically.

3. Check if Helium image is currently running.

If the Hotspot Sync Status at Helium->Sync->Sync Status shows ‘Not Syncing’ or ‘Absorbing’, and most Helium related button turn grey with tip ‘The Helium process is starting’ or ‘The snapshot is being absorbed’, means the Helium process doesn’t run or is loading a snapshot, the coming onboarding will not success while miner under these status. 



‘The Helium process is starting’ means system is booting the Helium docker, this process may take around 5 to 30 minutes depends on network speed when downloading a new Helium image. This event normally happens when system reboot, Helium image update, reconfigure the Helium or radio settings.

‘The snapshot is being absorbed’ means the hotspot is loading a blockchain snapshot to boost the blockchain syncing, this process may take around 20 minutes to an hour depends on network speed. 

If above status lasts more than an hour, it should be something wrong when Helium image running, you can try restart the whole Helium image by click Helium reset button at Helium->Operation->Operation->Helium Reset, if the issue continues to occur, please contact Milesight IoT support.


Troubleshoot example:


You can check Helium onboarding transaction at Helium -> Onboarding -> Onboarding -> Hotspot Events or your Helium app. It’s better to install a JSON viewer web plugin for checking the onboarding transaction.


1. If you encounter ‘wrong_txn_fee’ in onboarding events, means your hotspot doesn’t connected to Internet while you onboard it, you can refer to Check List point 1.


2. If you encounter ‘wrong_staking_fee’ in onboarding events, means your Helium version is outdated or Helium process doesn’t in proper status, you can refer to Check List point 2 and 3.


3. If you encounter ‘gateway_already_active’ in onboarding events, means your UG6x hotspot is already onboarded. Sometimes the onboarding transaction will remain in pending more than an hour depending on Helium onboarding server state, please wait patiently until see the previous transaction turn from ‘pending’ to ‘clear’. Should be noticed in early version of Helium APP, it required restart the APP to show the real time status of your onboarding transaction.


4. If you encounter ‘Generation failed!’ in UG6x hotspot web interface, means your UG6x hotspot doesn’t connected to Internet or the Helium image doesn’t run, or you input a wrong invalid wallet address. You can refer to Check List point 1 and 2 for the detailed solution.


5. If you encounter ‘Unknown’ MAC Address in Helium APP and you need to pay the first assert location fee, please contact Milesight IoT Support about it.



6. If you encounter ‘no_onboarding_key’ in Helium APP, please contact Milesight IoT Support about it. In most cases, this error is happened when Helium onboarding server is under maintnce, you can follow Helium official Discord for latest announcement.