Q1: Where can I buy Hotspot?

Answer: Please check the authorized reseller list or contact us.

Q2: What frequency does Milesight Helium Hotspot support? Where can it ship?

Answer: Milesight Helium Hotspot provides 3 frequency models to ship all over the world. For every model, it supports frequency switches as belows:

-470M: CN470;

-868M: EU868, IN865, RU864;

-915M: US915, AU915, AS923, AS923-2, KR920.


Q3: Can UG65/UG67 standard version be used for HNT mining?

Answer: No, only the Helium version can be used for HNT mining. Please check it before placing the order.


Q4: What's the difference between standard and helium versions?
Answer: Except for the mining function, the helium version adopts 2GB RAM, 32GB flash memory, encryption chip and extra external antenna by default. Also, firmwares are different and not compatible with each other.


Q5: How to distinguish Milesight standard version gateway and Helium hotspot?

Answer: You can distinguish them by model name on the label or web GUI status page. Helium hotspot has "-H32" in model name and standard version not. You can also provide your device SN to Milesight to consult it.

Q6: What are the main device specifications?

Answer: Quad-core industrial processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, SX1302 LoRa chip, ATECC608 and 4G/LTE (Optional).


Q7: How to know if your Helium hotspot support cellular?

Answer: You can know it by model name on the label or web GUI status page. If the Helium hotspot model name does not include  "-LXXX", it does not support cellular connection.

Q8: What comes with Helium Hotspot?

Answer: UG65/UG67 & accessories; Hotspot onboarding fee (40 USD); first location assert fee (10 USD) (Update on November 3, 2021).

**Any change of location after the first assertion is covered by the user at a cost of $10 USD.


Q9: What is the gain of Milesight Helium Hotspot? Is Milesight Helium Hotspot antenna optional?

Answer: Milesight Helium Hotspot UG65 ships standard 2dBi antenna (18 cm) and UG67 ships standard 5dBi antennas (60 cm) by default.


Q10: What is the type of antenna connector?

Answer: N-type (female).


Q11: Which power adapter should be used for UG65 hotspot?

Answer: Recommend to use power adapter offered by Milesight, if you need to use other power supply, please confirm power input is 9-24 VDC.

Q12: How can I remotely manage the devices?

Answer: You can use VPN through external IP or Milesight DeviceHub (central management platform for the Hotspots) to manage the device.


Q13: How do I get Milesight Helium Hotspot online?


1. Connect Hotspot to Internet.

2. Enter your wallet address to generate QR code in Hotspot web GUI.

3. Use Helium APP to scan the QR code to onboard the Hotspot step by step.


Q14: Where can find the Helium app supporting Millesight Helium Hotspot?

Answer: You can find it in Helium App  since v3.8.0.


Q15: How does Milesight Helium Hotspot keep the miner up to date?

Answer: Milesight Helium Hotspot will detect whether there is a new miner version every 1 hour automatically.

Q16: Is it necessary for Helium hotspot to open some specific ports for port forwarding?

Answer: Yes, please open 44158 port for hotspot relay. If you also need to manage hotspot and access the web GUI remotely, please open 80 for web access and 22 for ssh access.

Q17: When loggin to the web GUI of Milesight hotspot, I can't access the menu Radio after clicking on Packet Forwarder page, what should I do?

Answer: Reset the hotspot and loggin to check again, if it still doesn't work, please contact Milesight support for further check.

Q18: Is Milesight Helium Hotspot certified by Helium?

Answer: Yes, you can check on Helium official website or this documentYou can also find us here


Q19: What is Milesight Helium maker id?

Answer: Milesight maker id is 13H6RpJojJjkqPRfzdrFBDbpYw4b3A6HyMxgGFRgXf31Nuwq4xJ, you can check on this link.


Q20: Does Milesight Helium Hotspot supports Proof of Coverage, is it full miner?

Answer: Yes, Milesight Helium Hotspot supports PoC, and it is full miner.


Q21: When do you plan to announce Light Hotspot?

Answer:  According to Helium official plan, the verification of Light Hotspot will start at next February, we'll evaluate it then.


Q22: Does Milesight Helium Hotspot support adding a secondary package forwarder to connect other NS, or Milesight IoT Cloud at the same time?

Answer:  Not support now, If you have a certain project in process, please contact Milesight for evaluation.


Q23: Can other brand hotspot be connected to Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer:  No, Milesight IoT Cloud only supports devices offered by Milesight.


Q24: Does Milesight Helium Hotspot supports encryption chip?

Answer:  Yes, Milesight Helium Hotspot has built-in ECC608B encryption chip.


Q25: The blockchain is growing. Is 32GB Flash Memory enough?

Answer: We have built the feature to clean the old blocks automatically, so the space won't be an issue.


Q26: Hotspot will keep synchronize blockchain, what is the hotspot service life?

Answer: Milesight Helium Hotspot eMMC flash supports 3000 PE, according current Helium blockchain growing speed, it will take 1 month to write full flash block, so the theoretical service life is 1000 months.


Q27:  Is it possible to mine simultaneously with sending data from the devices?

Answer: Yes, you can add your sensors to Helium network server to get data.


Q28: Can Milesight sensors work with Helium Hotspot?

Answer: Yes, any LoRaWAN compliant sensors can work with Helium Hotspot.


Q29: Does Hotspot support Wireguard VPN?

Answer: Currently is not. You can use other VPNs like openVPN, IPsec, L2TP etc.

Q30: How can we get in touch with tech support, are there official Discord channel?
Answer: Yes, click here to join Milesight official Discord channel. You can also send email to iot.support@milesight.com, or submit tickets to our website: support.milesight-iot.com.