Related Product or Service:

  • AM100, AM102, EM500 series

  • TTNv2

Many of our customers have started testing AM/EM series LoRaWAN sensors on TTN. Both series of sensors are based on version 1.1 of LoRaWAN by default. While The Things Network Console uses version 1.0.2, which hasn't developed timestamp synchronization. And because of this version gap between network server and AM/EM sensors, there have been reports about packets lost and time not displayed correctly on AM series of sensors. I'm writing to inform you that we have fixed this problem with new firmwares and a ToolBox for Android and Windows. Please don't hesitate to submit a ticket if any doubt. 


Version Dependency:

  • AM100, AM102: v1.14 and above

  • EM500 series: v1.15 and above

  • Configuration software (ToolBox): v6.13 and above (download link)

General step: 

  • Connect the AM/EM sensor to Windows Computer with Type-C USB, upgrade sensor to 1.14/1.15 and above with ToolBox for Windows. 

Extra steps for AM100/102:

  1. Download and install the staging lora version of ToolBox on Android phone.

  2. Change the LoRaWAN version in "Settings>LoRaWAN Settings" to 1.0.2.