IMPORTANT: The Things Network is moving to The Things Stack (V3). The Things Network V2 clusters will shut down in December 2021. For connecting Milesight nodes to Ubidots via TTN v3 please refer to article Connect Milesight LoRaWAN Devices to Akenza Core via TTNv3. 



Environment Setup

a. Akenza Core Configuration

Add an Akenza environment.

b. TTN Configuration

1. Go to the TTN console and enter to the Gateway section to add a new LoRaWAN gateway. How to Connect Milesight Gateway to TTN v2

2. Enter the Application section to add a new application. To create the application, just press “add application”.

3. Go to Settings -> Access Keys page and click “generate new access key”to create an access key for Akenza.

4. Enter the key name and make sure “Devices”and “messages” are selected, then click “Generate Access Key”.

Akenza-TTN Integration

a. Akenza Configuration

1. Go to “Integrations”page and select TTN to create a TTN-Akenza integration.

2. Fill in information of integration and save.

         Replace <region>, <appID>, <processID> and <accessKey> according to TTN application.

More details about TTN-Akenza integration refer to

b. TTN Configuration

1. Add an integration.

2. Select “HTTP Integration”.

3. Fill in the information of integration and save.

  • Process ID: customize
  • Access Key: the access key created for Akenza
  • URL: Akenza Uplink URL which can be found on Akenza-TTN integration page
  • Method: POST

Add LoRaWAN End Nodes to Akenza

1. Go to “Domain”page and click “ADD DOMAIN” to add a domain.

Select the technology as the TTN-Akenza integration we customized before.

2. Go to “Device Types”page and click “ADD DEVICE TYPE” to create a device type. Select Uplink function as Custom.

3. Go to “Inventory”page and click “ADD DEVICE” to add a LoRaWAN device.

Select the Device type and Domain as we created before and fill in the information of the LoRaWA end nodes. (Device EUI, App EUI, App Key, etc.)

Click “SAVE&REGISTER” to register device.

4. After the device is registered in Akenza, it will also be added to TTN automatically.

5. Power on the LoRaWAN device and ensure it has joined the network in TTN page.

6. Go to “Akenza->Inventory->Device->Data”page to check device data.

7. Data decoder can be written in “Device Type->UPLINK” page.